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These were the best and worst April Fools' Day pranks in Toronto this year

The year 2021 has been a weird one for April Fools' jokes in Toronto, where just hours before March ended rumours started swirling of another provincewide shutdown.

As much as we all really, really, REALLY wanted this whole third lockdown thing to be a prank, it's not: Ontario Premier Doug Ford confirmed as much on Thursday.

Hard as it may be to laugh in light of the double gut punch that is today's pandemic situation and the chilly, potentially snowy spring weather, humour can be an important coping mechanism.

Let's all laugh at, with, or in disbelief of the following local April Fools' Day pranks for 2021 (here's ours, by the way. Sorry!)

Freshdaily Toronto

If you thought the new condo and office building on the Toronto Island was a big deal, wait until you get a hold of the CN 2.0 in Toronto, the world's tallest building next to the CN Tower.


This is INSANE 😱 ##toronto ##tiktoktoronto ##onlyintoronto ##ontario

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Shacklands Brewing

While clearly a joke, there are definitely people in Toronto who would try this "barrel aged, BLT smoothie shake" beer — made from freshly pureed sandwiches and milk! — from Toronto's own Shacklands

Burgers N' Fries Forever

In a similar vein, the people over at BFF introduced an "innovative new luxe skincare line" made from food waste. Gross, but it's always fun to watch a man rub mayonnaise all over his face.

Kraft Dinner Canada

Is it just us or is "weird food stuff" incredibly popular this AFD? Kraft Canada dropped this "Smells Like KD essential oil kit" on Thursday morning, beckoning fans to "breathe in the cheesy comforting aroma of a fresh pot of KD … anywhere!"

Swiss Chalet

Okay, it's not just us, this "food-based lifestyle product prank" trend is definitely a thing, as evidenced by Swiss Chalet's new "Chalet Sauce Bath Bomb." Honestly though, who wouldn't bathe in that red sauce? It's the most delicious substance on earth.


Frozen yogurt that never melts? As if! Some people like that melty yogurt water. Fortunately for them, this product is fake.

Neale's Sweet N' Nice

Here's another fake April Fools' Day product that people might actually want to buy: Jerk Chicken Ice Cream from Neale's,  a brand already known for its (less meaty) Caribbean-inspired ice cream flavours. Would eat.

Beck Taxi

Moving away from food-inspired wellness products and monstrosities, we have Toronto's Beck Taxi with a fake helicopter service, "Beck Heli Rides." Running 10 choppers in total, Beck will only pick up and deliver people with flat roofs.

The Toronto Waterfront BIA

In what might be one of the laziest April Fools "pranks" ever to graze Instagram, the Waterfront BIA reported early Thursday morning that King Kong, a fictional giant gorilla, was "taking over the city and headed toward the islands."

While many of Toronto's usual suspects for epic April Fools' Day pranks held off this year in light of the public health situation, it's nice to see at least a few brands doing what they can to make people smile, laugh or (in the case of that BLT beer) gag.

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Beck Taxi

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