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Tow truck has to be towed after getting clocked at twice the speed limit in Brampton

When motorists in and around Toronto are caught getting up to their usual stunts of speeding, falling asleep in the middle of intersections and making DIY license plates, they can be ticketed and even towed if their crime is serious enough.

But what about when the tow truck driver themselves, who perform a valuable duty for the sake of police and road safety, are busted for some bonkers driving mishap? 

That's what happened to one GTA resident whose job it is to tow other vehicles when their owners have been up to no good.

Peel Regional Police officers caught the driver of a white Chevrolet tow truck racing down Bramalea Road in Brampton going more than twice the legal limit on Saturday, resulting in a tow of their own.

Though 111km/hr pales in comparison to the 228 km/hr one Toronto driver was clocked doing on Highway 403 a few weeks ago, the part of Bramalea in question is only a 50 km/hr zone and is in the proximity of schools and businesses.

Going 61 km/hr over the posted limit landed the motorist with a stunt driving charge, and as a result, their license was suspended and vehicle seized for a week.

A flatbed had to be called out to get the truck off the road.

Unfortunately, it's not even close to the worst thing that Toronto-area tow truckers have been up to lately, nor the most dramatic driving incident of the past 24 hours in the city.

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