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Toronto teen raises $30K for Hurricane Dorian victims in just 2 days

Some dads toss around balls with their sons. Some toss back beers, or watch sports, or go fishing.

Nicholas and David Robinson of Toronto are a father-son duo who spend their time together saving the world — or trying to, at least, through their noble fundraising and volunteer efforts.

The Robinsons are currently in the Bahamas, where some 70,000 people have been left homeless in the wake of Hurricane Dorian — one of the strongest Caribbean storms on record and, according to Reuters, the worst disaster in Bahamian history.

The devastating Category 5 hurricane struck the islands last week, wiping out entire cities with winds of up to 320 km/h. Government officials say the death toll is currently at 50, but warn that the grand total will likely be far higher.

Survivors who've lost everything are in desperate need, and while the U.S. government isn't planning on doing much in terms of relief, international aid organizations, charities, corporations and private citizens all over the world are coming forward to help.

Nicholas and David are just two of those private citizens, but the former has already raised nearly $30,000 for victims of the disaster in less than 48 hours.

"Having generations of extended family living in the Bahamas, I have heard first hand about the destruction and devastation [Dorian] has left behind, leaving this small country in a humanitarian crisis," reads a GoFundMe page set up by Nicholas to raise money for relief efforts.

"Many of the displaced people are arriving daily on New Providence with absolutely nothing but their lives," he continued.

"Because we have family and friends on the island we have direct access to local people who are setting us up to help out in community centres, shelters, churches, hotel kitchens, schools and wherever else help is needed."

The father and son arrived in New Providence yesterday, where they are now taking care of people who were forced to flee their homes in Grand Bahama and Abaco.

From food and water to blankets, clothing, toiletries and toys, the Robinsons are giving out supplies to hundreds of people daily and need help to purchase more. Their fundraising goal is set at $50,000.

"Our goal is to help out in any way we can, both physically and financially to support the local needs of the people during the aftermath of this disaster," writes Nicholas.

"Instead of donating to large charities with huge overhead and administrative costs, we want to ensure that 100 per cent of the proceeds from our fundraising efforts go directly to the groups that are making a difference," he continued.

"Every cent we raise will go toward local organizations in real-time to assist with the immediate needs of the people affected."

Roughly 130 people had donated just over $28,000 as of Tuesday afternoon, local time, many of them leaving comments to praise Nicholas and David for their efforts.

"It's pretty devastating what happened there," wrote one person who donated $500. "I am convinced that you guys will do good with it."

Another person who donated $50 wrote that they were inspired to do so "because the President of the USA is an orange turd."

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