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The Best 24 Hour Grocery Stores in Toronto

The best 24 hour grocery stores in Toronto come in handy when you find yourself working late, partying late, or just looking for a midnight snack. The key, of course, is to know what grocery stores are open when you need them. We tend to pay for our 24-hour convenience out of pocket as stores typically increase their prices at all night locations, but they got to pay someone to be there so we can have our Cheetos fix, so I'm thinking it's still a win.

Here are the best 24 hour grocery stores in Toronto.

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Galleria (Thornhill)
Opened in 2003, Galleria Supermarket in Thornhill is a huge grocery specializing in Korean products. The prices aren't the cheapest in town, but low for a 24hour grocery, perfect for satiating a late night tofu and kimchi craving.

Metro (Liberty Village)
The Liberty Village Metro has the wider selection of the two 24 hour Metros, with more organic, gourmet and health food options as well, though prices at all Metro Groceries seem steeper than other places. Still, it's clean, bright and well organized with plenty of parking for one of those late night lingering grocery shops we all take now and then.

Bloor SuperFresh (384 Bloor St. W)
Located in the Annex, Bloor Superfresh has a wonderful selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, and health food products, making it a great late night pit stop for those who prefer carrot sticks to ketchup chips, but don't worry they have those too.

Tremblett's Valu-Mart
Serving Bayview and Davisville, Tremblett's Valu-Mart is community focused and family friendly, with a complete supply of fresh produce, meat and packaged food. They carry the full line of President's Choice products too so you can make those chocolate soda pop floats everyone's drooling over.

Metro (College Shaw)
Overpriced and understocked it may be, but the Metro at College and Shaw is hopping in the wee hours of the weekend, serving all the stragglers after the bars close. They often have deals on Dr. Oetker's pizza and Ben and Jerry's just for that purpose.

Rabba Fine Foods (Wellesley)
Under the Verve condo building at Wellesley and Homewood Avenue, this Rabba Fine Foods has friendly cashiers and a surprising good assemblage of products, not to mention a Subway counter at the back if you've got a late night hunger that's a foot long.

Sobey's (Danforth East)
There are several perks to this Sobey's location, 24-hour service, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat plus all the great brands you're looking for. There are cheaper deals at other spots during the day, but who else offers a bulk candy aisle in the neighbourhood at 2 am?

Metro (Lawrence and Bathurst)
This Metro, located in the Lawrence Plaza, has the usual fare, with the added bonus of a expansive kosher section, not to mention a Tim Horton's inside, thus guaranteeing customers at least two types of bagels at all times.

Sobey's (St. Clair East)
The St. Clair East Sobey's is a condensed grocery store with the benefits of 24-hour accessibility. To-go hot food and take-away salads make for an easy meal in the middle of the night, and if you make it by 11 pm you can hit the Wine Rack located inside.

Use this map to find additional 24 hour grocery stores in Toronto

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