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The top 10 vegan pizza in Toronto

Vegan pizza is not nearly as scarce in Toronto as it once was, and the quality and selection just keeps getting better and better. Whether you want a raw, sprouted crust, Daiya cheese or a nutty alternative, these places can deliver.

Even chains like Pizza Nova, Mamma's and Panago are happy to accommodate vegan eaters, and at bakeries like Through Being Cool you'll find garlicky pizza rolls, while Bunner's does pizza pockets.

Here are my picks for where to find vegan pizza in Toronto.

Za Pizzeria
This pizzeria in The Annex deals in BBQ'd pizzas cooked in a custom oven. While the menu changes seasonally, a vegan option is a fixture and comes topped with tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and a in place of cheese, a cauliflower and macadamia nut puree. A slice sells for $4.50, while a full pie sells for $15.

Apiecalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar
Exclusively vegan slices ($4.25) are now available (along with donuts FYI) across from Christie Pits Park. Choose from selections like the faux-meat lover's Pig Destroyer Destroyer, or try the Mac & Charlie featuring soy chicken and jalapeño Daiya cheese.

Tori's After Hours
This Beaches bakeshop converts into a full service restaurant and vegan wine bar from 6pm, Thursday through Sunday. Pizzas ($17) on the menu feature regular or gluten free crust and are topped with house made tomato sauce, seasonal toppings like grilled eggplant and asparagus, and a soy yogurt-based cheese, that actually melts.

The Vegan Duchess
Located at Yonge and Eglinton, this vegan eatery offers a couple options to satisfy pizza cravings. These pizzas are crafted on sprouted buckwheat sunflower seed crusts and come in choices like the Raw Pizza ($15) with spinach and parsley hemp seed pesto, pineapple, olives, a medley of veggies, and almond "parmesan."

This chain of pizzerias offers a trio of choices for vegans including the Whole Wheat Diana with mushrooms, spinach, herbed tomatoes, and marinated zucchini, as well as the Fredo, a white pizza with potatoes and herbs. Prices for whole pizzas vary by size, but luckily there are the usual slices in stock for solo diners.

Thrive Organic Kitchen
Pizzas are a popular pick on the menu at this all-natural, all-vegan eatery in Etobicoke. Choose from options like the Bella ($12) with kale pesto topped with roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, black olives and avocado.

Live Organic Food Bar
Specializing in plant-based foods, this vegan raw bar offers individual sized pizzas ($16) built on a veggie almond crust and topped with red pepper marinara, arugula, tomato, black olives, artichokes, cashew "feta," and almond "parmesan."

Pizza Rustica
This sit-down pizza parlour located near the Roger's Centre is an ideal spot for a pie post-Jay's game. Vegans will find three options on the menu including a version with caramelized onions and arugula ($16) that comes dressed with basil pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto, vegan pepperoni, and Daiya mozzarella.

Pizza Del Arte
Vegans will find eight different options at this pizza joint at Bathurst and St. Clair. Start by selecting a size ($15-$26) and then choose from pies like the Vegan Wild Funghi with double roasted mushrooms, fresh basil, and Daiya cheese, or the Vegan Pomodoro covered with sundried tomatoes, marinated tomatoes, basil, roasted garlic, and Daiya cheese.

Magic Oven
Multiple locations get big points for offering an abundance of vegan options. Meat-free, dairy-free selections include the Black Magic with pesto, steamed kale, sun-dried tomatoes, and Daiya, as well as, the unique Hot Potato Magic with chili-tomato sauce, tandoori sweet potato, caramelized onions. Prices range between $11 and $26 for an entire pie.

What did I miss? Add your go-to vegan pizza joint to the comments.

Photo from Za Pizzeria by Jesse Milns.

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