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The vast majority of Canadians are embarrassed by our airport situation right now

Mass flight delays, baggage woes, surprise cancellations and other ongoing problems at Toronto Pearson and other major airports continue to make travellers hesistant when it comes to booking trips — in addition to making Canadians embarrased about their country's air travel situation.

A recent report conducted by the market research firm Ipsos on behalf of Global News found that a whopping 70 per cent of all Canucks agree with the following statement: "The situation at Canadian airports is an embarrassment to Canada."

Some 58 per cent of the same group of respondents who participated in the Ipsos survey indicated that they will be delaying or cancelling travel plans altogether until the airport situation has improved.

"Quotas and weighting were employed to ensure that the sample's composition reflects that of the Canadian population according to census parameters," notes the resultant report

Broken down by general demographoic, baby boomers are most-likely to feel this way with 65 per cent indicating that they'd hold off on trips for a while.

These interesting figures and many more are the result of the Ipsos poll, conducted recently between July 12 and July 13 of this year, among 1,001 Canadians aged 18 or older.

In addition to questions about their own future travel plans and attitudes towards travel, Ipsos asked every respondent if they had personally been delayed while travelling through a Canadian airport recently. Just under a quarter of all respondents (24 per cent) marked that they had, in fact, been delayed.

You can read every question and see how Canadians responded based on age, education and generation right here, but if you don't have time, the bottom line is this: Canada's airport situation sucks right now.

As for who is to blame, the jury's still out, and far beyond this poll; Most experts agree at this point that there are a combination of factors working against smooth travel through airports, including staff shortages, enhanced security measures, a lack of practice among passengers and airlines being unreliable.

Respondents to the Ipsos survey were most likely to say that Canada's federal government is to blame for the chaos (29 per cent) than any other single entity, but the majority — 39 per cent — agreed that the feds, the airports, the airlines and travellers themselves equally share the blame for delays in general.

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