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New trip calculator tells you if it's cheaper to fly or drive from Toronto

Travelling out of Toronto's Pearson International Airport has become a nightmare lately, with day-long passport lines, massive customs delays and utter chaos at baggage claim.

You might have been wondering lately if the luxury of boarding a plane at Canada's busiest airport is even worth the hassle anymore, or if it's better to just hit the road on four wheels.

However, with rising gas prices in Ontario, you might be questioning if driving to your travel destination even makes sense anymore.

A new summer trip calculator developed by KAYAK figures out this dilemma out for you, by breaking down flight versus driving costs to your preferred destination.

The calculator's estimates are based on prices found on KAYAK in the last two years for flights, and the last 31 days for car rentals.

Once you put your starting location and travel destination into the calculator, you can search by a specific month to reveal your flight versus driving cost breakdown.

When your results pop up, you'll get an indication of which option is cheaper.

Summer trip calculator flight versus drive cost breakdownKAYAK breaks down the cost to drive, and they also account for factors such as rental car price, your fuel type, and your car type. You can even select the option to avoid tolls in order to save a few bucks.

You'll get a breakdown of the distance you'll have to drive, the estimated amount of fuel needed, the gasoline cost, as well as the estimated total drive cost.

Summer trip calculator flight versus drive cost breakdownKAYAK's recommendation is based on how much money you'd be saving by choosing the cheaper option.

After getting your results, you can also review a list of rental car options to choose from, as well as hotel deals to finalize your last-minute trip. 

Of course, it's always a good idea to cross-reference these results with other travel deals in order to optimize your savings.

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