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The baggage claim area at the Toronto airport is totally out of control right now

Toronto Pearson International Airport has been testing the patience of travellers in recent weeks, understaffing creating a mess of long lines and general chaos at the international travel hub throughout May.

But let's say you're an arriving passenger who has managed to endure the painful delays and navigate the hellish mess of crowds clogging up airport terminals. Even if you think your headache has ended, there's one last challenge awaiting you at the baggage claim.

In the final circle of airport hell, travellers are being taunted at the finish line by wait times as long as two hours just to collect their baggage.

Videos of the chaotic baggage claim area seem like they should be accompanied by video game boss music, as weary passengers are faced with row upon row of luggage instead of the orderly carousel procession travellers are accustomed to seeing.

After dealing with long lines, delays, and really just about the worst airport experience possible, passengers found themselves waiting yet again, often as long as an hour and a half, just to get their bags.

Even shorter waits are frustrating for exhausted passengers who have already dealt with a lot of waiting on their voyage through Pearson.

Those waits are reportedly coming with confusing directions that have travellers waiting at the wrong carousel.

And some aren't even getting their bags at all, forced to wait several days and eventually turning to Twitter out of frustration.

These kinds of delays have some terrified of even passing through the airport, while the Toronto Maple Leafs actually opted to bus the team to Buffalo and fly domestic from a U.S. airport rather than put players through the meat grinder of Pearson.

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