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Toronto Maple Leafs are now avoiding Pearson Airport and flying out of Buffalo instead

Pearson Airport has been an absolute nightmare as people return to travelling by air, but it's become such a huge problem even one of our major sports teams is bypassing it completely.

Toronto Maple Leafs' Jason Spezza was quoted by sports reporter Chris Johnston saying, "I get on the bus when they tell me to get on the bus. I get on the plane when they tell me to get on the plane."

The quote is related to the decision from the Leafs to bus to Buffalo and fly out of there to Tampa rather than Toronto.

Not only is the airport chaotic right now, restrictions still haven't completely eased for international travel.

Whether you're looking to compete in a pro ice hockey game or just get some sun in Florida, it paints a grim picture of the scene at the airport right now.

Some people say they were even held on the tarmac for hours at the airport in brutal conditions.

If the Leafs side-stepping Pearson seems like they're skirting the rules to you, you're not alone. But obviously, they're not the first to do so.

Most fans are, of course, onto what they're trying to do.

While avoiding Pearson seems like a smart move right now most people agree that their driving to Buffalo is more likely about avoiding restrictions involving testing.

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