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Passengers are complaining of brutally long lines and delays at Toronto's Pearson Airport

Travellers have returned to Toronto Pearson International Airport in droves, with the spring travel season and recent easing of border restrictions triggering an en masse return to vacationing that means more delays and headaches at Canada's busiest airport.

Since the weekend, complaints have been flooding social media as passengers queue in long security lines at Pearson, prompting a statement from the people in charge on Monday morning.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), a Crown Corporation that handles security screening at airports in the country, has been struggling with long lines, according to Pearson, which issued a statement advising that "departing passengers have been experiencing longer than expected wait times at CATSA security screening points."

It doesn't matter whether you're flying domestic or international, if you're departing Pearson on Monday, it's probably going to be a bad day for you.

"We have been working with our partners at CATSA to manage the flow of passengers as best as possible," reads the statement, but comments on social media indicate that travellers are spending hours in line, surely a stressful experience when your flight departs at a set time.

"Passengers flying from Pearson are asked to pack their patience, arrive early, and check their flight status with their airline or on our website prior to leaving for the airport," says the brief official statement, though many seem only to be learning of the delays upon arriving in the chaotic airport scene.

It's the type of issue likely to get passengers in a mood, prompting Pearson to remind all arriving for a flight that "employees in the terminals are doing their best to get them on their way. We kindly ask passengers to treat employees with respect."

Pearson has offered no timeline for a resolution, so if you have to fly out of the airport this week, it's probably a good idea to arrive earlier than planned.

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