bruce peninsula ice formations

This national park in Ontario is filled with ice formations that look like another world

Although we've had some extreme weather alerts, it has never stopped us from partaking in some of our favourite winter activities such as gliding through a skating trail or hitting the slopes.

Winter sports aren't everyone's cup of tea so if you're looking for a more casual activity then you're in luck because you can go on a hike to check out some epic ice formations in a national park in Ontario.

Located in Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula National Park is about a three-and-a-half-hour drive north of the city.

With seven different trails, there is a lot to explore around the national park.

If you want to see some scenic views of the cliffs and shores of the park, then you'll want to check out the Georgian Bay Trail. The trail does split in the middle, giving hikers the option to head to the Halfway Rock Point trail or Marr Lake trail.

The Halfway Rock Point trail leads to the northern horizon towards the Indian Head Cove, a favourite place for swimmers and scuba divers to explore.

The Marr Lake trail crosses through boulders along the shore for amazing views of the Grotto and Marr Lake.

These trails will lead you towards the Indian Head Cove, which has formed natural ice sculptures due to the frigid temperatures.

It's good to note that this trail is one of the longer and more difficult trails, ranging from moderate to difficult terrain, and is 3 km long.

The other trails around the park will also lead you through the beach and around Cyprus Lake, where more ice formations can be found on trees.

Make sure to wear some sturdy footwear when hiking as the trails can become slippery during the winter.

If you're looking for another frozen hike a bit closer to home, Balls Falls Conservation Area in Lincoln is less than a two-hour drive from Toronto.

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