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The Best Tailors in Toronto

The best tailors in Toronto know a thing or two about fit - they don't just work wonders with a sewing machine; they know exactly how and where to slash, tinker, or adjust to make your off-the-rack garments feel like they were specially made for you. With the wave of a magic wand (read: a measuring tape and straight pins), they can get nearly everything - from a shortened hem or a slimmed blazer - done in a jiffy. Thanks to some reader suggestions, we found the top needle-working wizards in the city, so you never have to worry about a frumpy suit ever again.

Here are the best tailors in Toronto.


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Studio Kim
766 King St. W, 416.361.0831
Whether you've got a petty pile of too-long trousers or a fully lined suit jacket needing some major reconstruction (perhaps to show off your newly slimmed-down physique), Studio Kim's got you covered. Though they've gotten a fair share of mixed reviews, they've been a popular name in the business for years - clues that Ms. Kim must be doing something right.

TD Centre, 66 Wellington St. W, 416.363.4446
There's a plus side to being corporately owned and operated, and Stitch-It's flaunting it like nobody's business. The TD Centre's location in particular is not only conveniently located for office job types, they've proven a speedy turnaround time and fair pricing.

Paul's Tailors
3691A Bathurst St., 416.781.5366
Paul's Tailors has been around since 1981. Over the years, they've attracted quite the list of clients with their flawless repairs and alterations services, despite being located far from the downtown core - Wayne Gretzky, Harvey Atkin, and Tommy Hilfiger are amongst their many happy customers.

Silhouette Tailoring
733 Queen St. E, 416.465.9898
Silhouette Tailoring is a one-man operation run by Nasir Naebkhil. Although bespoke pieces for women are his burning passion, he can fit an off-the-rack piece like a glove.

Mister Alterations
2112 Yonge St., 416.481.8677
It may be a little inconspicuous, but Mister Alterations located right above Bamburger, is far from ordinary when it comes to value. A stack of slacks can be hemmed in the blink of an eye for under $10 each; in this case, you get more than you pay for.

Sartoria Raffa
8 Keewatin Ave, 416.932.2505
Sartoria Raffa is a studio operating for years by a family of expert bespoke tailors - it's no surprise that they carry the same mantras through to their alteration services. They're used to working with the finest materials whether they need constructing or re-constructing, so you know your most prized possessions are in good hands.

Espinosa Master Tailor
50 Cumberland St., 416.921.9931
"Master Tailor" isn't just a fancy title; it's the truth. Although they're no strangers to tailoring designer duds from their studio in Yorkville, father and son duo Ricardo and Richard Espinosa are consistent with their high level of care and craftsmanship - even when working on a seemingly hopeless H&M blazer.

Magic Tailor
211 Yonge St., 647.435.8509
The name says it all - Magic Tailors is, well, magic. There's rarely ever a customer that leaves unhappy and that says a lot for any business, let alone a tailoring studio. They boast the lowest of low prices, quality work, and a speedy turnaround time; in an industry where you can typically have just one, this place isn't worth passing up.

Stychin Tyme
2502 Yonge St., 416.485.6970
Don't be fooled by the obnoxiously "with it" spelling - Stychin Tyme is far from it. Penny Bedford, the owner, has been in the business for decades and does everything from the small, petty work to the vastly complicated stuff. She can tailor a mean men's suit (thanks to intense training in England) for a reasonable price, and she's probably the nicest lady in the entire world.


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