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The Best Catering Companies in Toronto

The best catering companies in Toronto ensure guests at events big and small across the city aren’t just staving off hunger, they’re feasting. Some of the folks behind the finest grocery stores and restaurants in town will make sure there’s something for everyone, no matter the function.

Here are the best catering companies in Toronto.

Food Dudes

The people behind restaurants Sara, Rasa and Omaw can bring an experience on par with their brick and mortars to your doorstep. They have a specific BBQ catering division, their own food truck, and connections with some of the hottest event venues around.

Daniel et Daniel

In business for around 40 years, there are over 1600 items on this company’s collection of seasonal menus designed specifically for a range of occasions from weddings to corporate lunches, family-style buffets and cocktail receptions.

Barque Smokehouse

If barbecue suits your event, look no further than this company that will load up all attendees with racks of ribs. 


Celeb chef Mark McEwan is behind this company that can cater spreads of brunch buffets, sandwich platters, charcuterie, and much more.

10tation Event Catering

This company can hook your event up with celebrity chefs from some of your favourite TV shows and local restaurants, and they’ll provide lighting, music and decor in addition to the food.

Tita Flips

Those looking to celebrate Filipino-style can order platters of seafood, pork, noodles, spring rolls, chicken, rice and dessert from this company also behind Kanto.

Drake Catering

A formidable sprawl of restaurants run by this company rules the city’s food scene, and you can get their recognizable scratch dishes like brisket, smoked salmon, bagels and meatballs catered to your event.

Marigolds & Onions

This sustainable caterer has been doing their thing for over 25 years, and they’re comfortable with a wide range of event styles and cuisines like Greek, Indian and Portuguese. 

Yorkshire Pudding

Brunch, dinner and h’ors d’oeuvres are all catered by this company that puts elegant presentation first with options like on-site sushi and oyster bars and build-your-own mac n’ cheese.

Elle Cuisine

With the ability to cater corporate and private functions as well as weddings, let your imagination run wild with creative, ever-changing menus of lobster, paella, risotto, barbecue and oysters from this company.

Toben Food by Design

Emphasizing fresh, local and artisan elements, this company can bring their very own food truck to your event, with lots of vegetarian options to make everyone happy.

Kiss the Cook

If you want to be catered to completely, look no further than this company that can even handle the decor and entertainment for almost any event. They can even pull off “Garden Party” and “Southern Comfort” themes.

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Jesse Milns at Food Dudes Pantry

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