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The Best Cafe Patios in Toronto

The best cafe patios in Toronto provide a taste of sunshine and fresh air on coffee breaks. While much of the city's patio culture seems to centre around frosty beers, there is a live and well (and sober) demographic that enjoy the outdoors in sleepy morning hours and into the afternoons.

Here's the list of the best cafe patios in Toronto.

Jimmy's Coffee (Kensington Market)
Grab a coffee and head straight back to this urban oasis in the heart of Kensington Market. The patio can be found flooded with sunlight in the afternoons, and while it's removed from all the action, you'll find yourself still immersed in the lively sights, smells, and sounds from The Market.

Boxcar Social
This cafe and bar takes up two floors and the backyard of an old Victorian home on Yonge in the Summerhill area. Head here to enjoy coffee tasting flights and pastries, or a glass of wine alongside some charcuterie

Fika Cafe
The backyard patio at this Kensington Market cafe is lush and green, making it a secluded escape from all the activity in The Market, There's even a hammock! Bring a book, grab a coffee (and maybe an avocado sandwich), then relax.

Cafe Pamenar
Enjoy a panini and strong brew on the enclosed terrace behind this Kensington Market cafe. The back patio offers plenty of shade so you can sip your espresso in peace while keeping cool.

Good Neighbour
Find locals and their dogs seated on the front steps of this espresso bar in The Junction, while outback there's more intimate seating at long wood banquettes and tables. For a summer treat that's still got a strong dose of caffeine, try the affogato.

cafe patio toronto

Early Bird Espresso
Picnic tables outfitted with big umbrellas and ivy sprawling along one wall make this raised back patio on Queen West the perfect destination for al fresco coffee breaks and good spot to get a birds eye view of Graffiti Alley.

Te Aro
The ample patio at this east side spot feels like an extension of the cafe when the garage door is fully rolled back. Regular customers and their furry companions can be found kicking back with solid espresso-based beverages.

Dineen Coffee Co.
The street-side terrace at this Financial District coffee house offers the chance for office workers cooped up all day to catch some rays on their breaks while getting their caffeine fix.

cafe patio toronto

Full Stop
Sit on the graduated wood steps, or, pull up a seat at the communal tables outback at this indie coffee shop in The Junction. Oversized umbrellas and ample seating are both good reasons to lounge without risk of feeling rushed.

Rooster Broadview
The front patio on this quiet, residential stretch of Broadview can be found packed with locals, freelancers, and musicians almost any hour of the day catching one of the best views of the city.

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