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Another Rogers outage caused issues for some customers this weekend

Some Rogers customers experienced a case of déjà vu this past weekend after not being able to make phone calls.

The partial outage was somewhat reminiscent of the nationwide Rogers outage that occurred on July 8 and affected millions of Rogers mobile users, as well as cable, home internet and Interac services.

Early Sunday morning, some Rogers customers were unable to make calls, and the telecommunications giant confirmed the outage in a tweet.

Rogers said that some of its customers experienced "intermittent issues making VoLTE calls" on July 24.

Rogers claimed the service was restored by 9 a.m., and that it did not affect 3G/4G calling, 911 service or data service.

However, many Rogers customers took to Twitter to air out their frustrations regarding the partial outage.

One person questioned Rogers' recent decision to credit customers with only five days of service considering the most recent outage.

President and CEO of Rogers Communications Tony Staffieri called this month's historic network outage "unacceptable."

While this past weekend's outage did not affect customers on a massive scale, Staffieri did make a commitment earlier this month to ensure that network outages don't become a common issue for Rogers users.

"You have my personal commitment that Rogers will make every change and investment needed to help ensure that it will not happen again," said Staffieri.

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Another Rogers outage caused issues for some customers this weekend

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