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A guide to WiFi in Toronto Hotels

There are certain hidden costs associated with traveling that I think of as complete rip-offs. $25 to check a bag on a flight is a good example - you already bought a plane ticket, why do you need to pay extra to bring stuff with you?

But being the wired gal that I am, I find paying for WiFi in hotels is the worst. You're already paying a hefty chunk of change to stay in a hotel, and other amenities like maid service, the pool and the gym are already included in the cost of the room. If you're not from Toronto or you have friends/family looking to visit the city, you'll likely want to ensure you find a hotel with free WiFi (unless you plan to completely disconnect on your vacation). Read on for a breakdown of the major hotels in Toronto and how much you can expect to pay to stay connected.

Hotels with free WiFi:

The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St. W) - free WiFi everywhere in the building, plus a laptop guests can borrow and a workstation.

The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W) - free WiFi everywhere in the building.

Radisson Admiral (249 Queen's Quay W.) - free WiFi everywhere in the building.

Hilton Garden Inn (92 Peter St.) - all rooms including the business centre have complimentary WiFi and printing privileges.

Hotel Le Germain (30 Mercer St.) - free WiFi everywhere in the building.

Hotel Victoria (56 Yonge St.) - complimentary WiFi everywhere in the building, no need for username/passwords, just click-and-go.

Novotel (45 The Esplanade) - free WiFi everywhere in the building.

Windsor Arms (18 St. Thomas St) - free WiFi in guest rooms and common areas.

Hotels with free WiFi in common areas/with upgrades:

Cambridge Suites (15 Richmond St. E) - No free WiFi with deluxe suite, with a cityscape suite WiFi is included. WiFi is free at the business centre for anyone as long as you have your room key.

Four Seasons Toronto (21 Avenue Road) - $15 for 24 hours of in-room WiFi, the business centre located on 4th floor is complimentary.

Park Hyatt (4 Avenue Road) - All rooms in the north tower offer free WiFi including the lobby roof top lounge and all meeting rooms. In the south tower there's free internet but you have to plug in because it's considered a heritage building (not exactly the hotel's fault).

Le Meridien King Edward (37 King St. E) - WiFi is free in the lobby, otherwise the cost depends on the package - they start at $13.95 for 24 hours.

Marriott Bloor (90 Bloor St. E) - WiFi in the lobby is free, in-room it's $13.60 for 24 hours.

One King West (1 King St. W) - complimentary WiFi in the lobby, $9.95 per night in the guest rooms.

Renaissance Hotel (1 Blue Jays Way) - WiFi in the lobby is free, $12.95 per night in the guest rooms.

InterContinental (220 Bloor St. W) - Free WiFi with a Club Room. Otherwise $9.95 per 24 hours. To use the business centre you have to buy a pre-paid card that is $3 for 10 minutes.

Sheraton Centre Toronto (123 Queen St. W) - Internet in the room is wired only - $14.95 per night, Internet cafe in the lobby allows 30 minutes free at a time.

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Hotels with no free WiFi anywhere in the building:

Fairmont Royal York (100 Front St. W) - In room, $14.95 for 24 hours and $5.50 per 30 minutes in the business centre.

Hyatt Regency (370 King St. W) - $14.95 for 24 hours. At the business centre you can pay 49 cents per minute or purchase a $5 or $10 card.

Pantages (200 Victoria St.) - $12 per night. Not free in common areas.

Hilton Toronto (145 Richmond St. W) - $14.95 for 24 hours, in the business centre you pay 59 cents per minute.

Westin Harbour Castle (1 Harbour Square) - $12.95 for 24 hours, price after August 19th going up to $14 + per night

Cosmopolitan Hotel () - $12 per day, not free in common areas.

Service fee included in rooms:

Hazelton Hotel (118 Yorkville Ave.) - WiFi is $9.50 per night but that's included in the overall price of the room. That charge also includes access to the business centre on each floor.

SoHo Metropolitan (318 Wellington St. W) - $8 service fee includes free WiFi, also includes the business centre.

There are exceptions to some of these rules though. For example at the InterContinental Hotel you have free WiFi if you upgrade to a Club Room. If you get the business package at the Hyatt Regency it's included in the price. And technically the Hazelton and SoHo Met do have free WiFi, but there's a charge included in your room. Oh, and if you're a Marriott Rewards member you get free WiFi because you're in the club.

In my opinion WiFi should be unconditionally free - regardless of how fancy your room is, or whether you have a points card. And it shouldn't be a service fee included with your room - and if it is, it should be optional. The Toronto Twitter community certainly agrees with me:


In fact who wouldn't agree that WiFi should be free in hotels?

Photos by sniderscion and wvs, respectively.

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