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Scottie Barnes just proved he's the most relatable Toronto athlete ever

He's only just begun his sophomore season in the NBA, but Toronto Raptors' star and 2021-22 Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes has already made quite the impression on his adoptive hometown.

Barnes has lived up to the hype on the court with strong numbers, but it's his enthusiastic, childlike energy that has fans and non-fans alike obsessed with everything he says and does off the court.

I'm talking how he eats his cereal, his very large hands, the local establishments he visits, and even his rapid absorption of Toronto culture and a very distinct local dialect.

And the young star has once again gone viral for a clip of him flexing his fashion sense while admitting that despite his 2022-23 salary north of $7.6 million USD, he is still just as frugal as us common folk.

The second-year phenom is also a part-time streamer, and during a recent stream, Barnes revealed that despite his deep pockets and impeccable fashion sense, he's out there returning expensive clothes after a single use like your average thrifty shopper.

"I just went to the mall before the event, I bought it, it was like $400," said Barnes to his streamer audience. "Guess what though, bro, I went back to the mall today, that same shirt is back in the store bro. I returned it! Cityboys!"

And if that wasn't enough for his ever-growing local fanbase, Barnes managed to do it all in the hyper-local lexicon he has picked up after just over a year in the 6ix.

Speaking in his adoptive Toronto slang, Barnes continues, "They thought they was gonna get me with a $400 shirt, bro? No, fam. It's back at the store, bro."

Everything about the video has fans recognizing what a down-to-earth, relatable star Barnes is becoming.

Barnes' willingness to adopt Toronto culture, unbridled enthusiasm, and just general likeability are signs of a bright future for the 21-year-old Floridian, who has already scooped up multiple endorsement deals north of the border as his brand grows.

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