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Maybe breakfast is why Toronto Raptor Scottie Barnes is always so excited

For generations, marketing executives have successfully woven breakfast cereal into the public perception of what it takes to fuel a high-performance athlete. 

General Mills has been using sports stars to market their Wheaties brand since the 1930s, and it might be time for their rival Kellogg's to hop on board, perhaps with a new viral video showing young Toronto Raptors phenom Scottie Barnes chowing down on a bowl of Corn Flakes.

But cereal tycoons might want to adjust their monocles before signing the next big endorsement, as something isn't quite right about Barnes's bowl of flaked and toasted corn.

In a video posted on Instagram by Scottie Barnes Nation, Raptors forward Sam Dekker can be heard chastising Barnes as he puts a third packet of sugar in his bowl of Corn Flakes, saying, "three sugars on sugar cereal?"

Barnes replies, "it's Corn Flakes. There's no sugar in it," as he continues to pour in more sugar, possibly explaining his vibrant and infectiously upbeat energy during his brief time with the Raptors.

All Dekker could say was, "it's disgusting."

Interestingly enough (okay, probably not too interesting), the addition of sugar during the manufacturing of Corn Flakes (10 grams per 100-gram serving) was the source of a lifelong feud between the Kellogg brothers.

One wanted the cereal to be a health product, and the other wanted it to be profitable and...well...edible.

There are far worse cereals in terms of sugar content, but with the average sugar packet containing two to four grams of the good stuff, Barnes just upped his sugar intake from around 10 grams to somewhere between 16 and 24 grams of sugar.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the cartoon world, Tony the Tiger is feeling unappreciated as Scottie Barnes seems to have not received the memo that Frosted Flakes do, in fact, exist.

Though at 35 grams per serving, Barnes is still eating comparatively light with his Corn Flakes and sugar concoction.

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