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Someone proposed with a Ring Pop at a Toronto Blue Jays game and got slapped

It was a celebratory atmosphere at the Rogers Centre over the weekend as the Toronto Blue Jays hosted a home series versus the Boston Red Sox after clinching a wild card spot in the postseason. But one fan was clearly not having a fun time after a disastrous fake proposal prank by her beau.

A video circulating on social media shows a couple exchanging PDAs on the 100 level during a recent game, when the man suddenly takes a knee in what looks like your typical cute proposal video.

The woman is visibly shocked as the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring box, her hand covering her mouth as she prepares for the big question. But to her obvious surprise and disappointment, the would-be bride is presented with a Ring Pop (valued at about a buck fifty) instead of a bejewelled engagement ring.

It takes about a second for the major letdown to register, and the not-groom's prank is suddenly met with a swift slap and an icy-cold drink thrown across his face.

The devastating slap across the mouth and soft drink throw (sold at exorbitant stadium prices) are generating quite the buzz on social media.

But not everyone is convinced that this was a genuine exchange, and between the hilarious reaction and the tipped-off videographer clearly present in the background, it could easily be argued that this fake proposal was staged.

Twitter seems split on the matter, with many arguing that this behaviour is "called acting," while others suggest that the man "deserved worse" or had it coming.

One commenter had a more thoughtful take on the video, saying, "My guess, assuming it's real and not acted, is that she felt embarrassed."

"I can see how a woman might feel undervalued and/or unappreciated if she doesn't see the humour in this, or maybe just not on such a big stage. A more intimate proposal might have been more appropriate."

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