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Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes has no idea where to get braids done in Toronto

Toronto Raptors rookie and rising star Scottie Barnes took very little time adjusting to his role on the NBA court, but even though he's made it through his first of what will hopefully be many cold winters in the city, it looks like the young power forward is still getting used to the little things about life in a new city.

The fourth overall draft pick and potential NBA Rookie of the Year candidate has impressed in his first 65 games in the league, knocking down an average of 15.3 points per game and winning over teammates and fans alike with his enthusiastic attitude and often endearingly childlike personality.

But Scottie Barnes is a long way from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, and he's clearly still figuring out some of the little things about living in a new city, like where to get braids done.

In an Instagram story posted Friday afternoon, the rising star asks his 468K followers, "anyone knows someone who knows how to braid??? in toronto."

Well, Scottie, it turns out there are a whole lot of people and businesses who want their shot at braiding the hair of a star the Raptors are banking much of their future on.

Various studios, stylists, and even one guy who admitted he can only braid "a little" all chimed in on a tweet sharing Barnes' style S.O.S., just a sampling of the many who will be scrambling for the chance to have their work seen by millions tuning in to future Raptors games.

Like watching Scottie pour mountains of sugar on his cereal or dress up as The Joker for Halloween, his public request for hair-styling assistance is another window into his delightfully relatable personality.

But a few on Twitter are suggesting he should consider trying out a new look, with one commenter throwing shade saying, "whoever's doin Scottie's braids needs to retire… immediately," and another being even more direct with the line "Scottie Barnes gotta stop with braids man."

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