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Drake wins his own basketball league title but fans think it was rigged

Drake is Toronto's best-known (but arguably second-biggest) basketball fan, and when he's not performing to sell-out crowds and jet-setting around the world in luxury, you'll probably find him tearing it up on the court with NBA stars or his crew.

The multimillionaire's love of the game is apparent in just about everything he does, building a luxe court into his sprawling Bridle Path mansion, and even founding his own league, known as the Sanctuary Basketball League (SBL).

Drake's team, NTIG, once again made it to the finals, and in a dramatic but slightly Walmart-ish recreation of Kawhi Leonard's famous series-clinching, buzzer-beating three-pointer, Champagne Papi walked it off with a game-ending three.

In a video shared over the weekend, Drake can be seen unleashing a devastating step-back three to seal the game, the small crowd at the OVO Athletic Centre erupting as the shot thuds off the backboard and in for the W.

After the winning shot, Drake appeared in a sort-of winners ceremony with teammates OVO Niko and OVO Chubbs, where the trio was presented with some obnoxiously-shiny pro-wrestling-style championship belts.

But how contested was this three-pointer? This is among the questions the clip has fans asking.

Among the top comments on the video, one viewer asks, "Is nobody else allowed to win?," while others echoed this sentiment with statements like "Nobody allowed to win in Drake house."

Another commenter points out how Drake's basketball victories, playing among people who likely idolize him, could be compared to a much more sinister personality with a love of sports, saying, "Drake playing ball remind me of Putin playing hockey… if you know, you know lol."

If you don't know, well, Vladimir Putin has been known to take to the ice for hockey games, where he manages to effortlessly outperform skilled athletes. There was the very suspect time he scored eight goals in one game against players less than half his age, while the entire opposing team scored seven times.

Apparently, Kim Jong-Il was the best golfer ever, too. It's easy when nobody wants to be the one defeating you.

Drake may not be able to end the world with the push of a button or dispose of his political rivals with classified nerve agents, but I'd imagine swatting down a game-winning three attempt from Drizzy himself will risk you being cut from pretty much every guest list and afterparty on the planet.

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