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Drake just went one on one with the greatest Toronto Raptor of all time

Toronto's greatest hip hop export and arguably the #2 Raptors superfan (respect to Nav Bhatia) is always showing off his friendships with the NBA's elite stars. And it looks like Drake thinks he can go toe-to-toe with the big dogs, busting out his best moves on the hardwood against a former Raptors legend.

Drizzy squared off against the great Kyle Lowry, now a member of the Miami Heat, in an empty FTX Arena in Miami, showing that the two remain close despite now representing different cities.

In one of the clips shared to Twitter on Thursday evening, Champagne Papi can be seen losing the ball on a simple dribble and then biffing a three, eliciting chuckles from off-screen voices.

It didn't take long for this missed shot to be meme-ified, with one person taking aim at Drake's latest albums.

Of course, they made sure to capture a clip of Drake actually sinking a shot, showing more of the type of game you'd expect from someone with their own custom NBA court built into their sprawling mansion.

But Drizzy's on-court skills, or lack thereof, are always going to be a discussion topic for fans and trolls alike.

Drake's personal life even made the conversation, with a few references to a very spicy bedroom tale that has the internet burning up with comments.

It may be a fun nostalgia trip to see the hip-hop legend shooting around with former Raptors royalty, but some think this is another instance of Drake ignoring his role as the team's basketball ambassador to spend time with established stars who play for other markets.

It looks like it was a warm reunion, but it was hopefully just a prelude to a much bigger moment due for Feb. 1, when Lowry is set to return to Toronto for the first time as a member of the Miami Heat. It is still unknown whether that emotional homecoming will be played with fans in attendance.

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