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Toronto sports reporter gets dragged for awkward tweet when promoting new book

Sports broadcaster and writer Damien Cox is getting a lot of attention for his new book this week — but not for the reason an author would hope.

While taking to social media over the weekend to promote his new title A League of Our Own: Celebrating the Canadian Hockey Division, Cox posted a screen capture of the book's cover and listing from the Indigo website.

"It's about an all-Canadian division, which we'll never see again. There [are] two chapters on each of the seven Canadian teams," the 60-year-old Star columnist wrote to his 60k Twitter followers on Saturday morning.

"So if you're interested in the Sens, Jets, Habs, Leafs, Flames, Canucks or Oilers, there's something for you. Somebody you love with love it for Xmas. Promise."

The tweet received a ton of traction very quickly, but unfortunately not because of the book itself, nor anything related to Cox's body of work whatsoever.

In an oversight that some of us have made and all of us definitely fear, the journalist failed to notice one thing about the screenshot before he shared it: the other tabs that he had open in his browser. Well, the only other tab he had open, which was for "Live Private Sex."

Though Cox was quick to delete the tweet as soon as the issue was brought to his attention, the screenshots of it continue to circulate on Twitter and also Reddit, where the writer is getting completely grilled by hundreds.

Some speculate that the tab was just a spam pop-up from a "sketchy hockey blog" or other site, perhaps very much pornographic in nature.

Others argue that the "mistake" was just a ploy to get his book more attention.

And still others point out that we should "never underestimate how little 60 year olds understand technology."

Then there are those who can't help but hearken back to the time in 2016 when Cox once tweeted out a message he meant to send to someone privately, asking them for a selfie.

After that incident, the pundit set his account to private, but has yet to do so after his latest mortifying post, which he seems to be pretending never happened.

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