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People in Toronto can't stop talking about Fred VanVleet's son

Fred VanVleet's son is so cute in a new video released by the Raptors that it seems people can't stop talking about him.

"Where are you going dad?" VanVleet's two-year-old son Fred Jr. asks right at the top of the video, toddling to the front door.

"I gotta go," replies VanVleet. "I gotta go to work. You can watch me on TV, or you can come to the game on Saturday. Deal?"

"Yeah," says Fred Jr. in the tiniest voice.

People are logically squealing over the video on social media, with comments like "OMG the cuteness," "how adorable," "so cute" and "how sweet." With around 180 comments, the video has been viewed almost 65,000 times.

The rest of the minute-long video shows VanVleet getting in his car and heading to Scotiabank Arena for his version of a day at the office, waxing poetic about how at home he feels in Toronto.

VanVleet and his family just celebrated Fred Jr.'s second birthday about five months ago, posting joyful photos and videos of an at-home party to social media.

People have fallen in love with VanVleet as a family man and his relationship with his children, especially this newest addition.

An emotional video of VanVleet reuniting with his kids from this past summer also got lots of people commenting on their cuteness.

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