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15 unusual indoor activities in Toronto

Unusual indoor activities in Toronto will take you out of your comfort zone. Instead of spending your day scrolling through the 'New Releases' section on Netflix, head to one of these facilities to try something a little more engaging than a 10-hour Stranger Things marathon.

Here's a round-up of unusual indoor activities you can do in Toronto.

Knife throwing

If you're preparing for a zombie apocalypse, knife throwing is a skill you'll want to hone. The TKTO facility will test your precision skills, as the goal is to have your dagger hit a tiny target. 

Archery tag

Toronto is home to a number of archery and archery tag facilities like Archery District, Archers Arena and Battle Sports. Many of these are reminiscent of the Hunger Games, with massive playing spaces where you can engage in some face-to-face combat.

Obstacle course

Sometimes finding the motivation to exercise is hard, which is why obstacle courses make for a great fitness option. Pursuit OCR has a big course that consists of almost two dozen different obstacles to keep things interesting and make for the ultimate gym experience.

Fly a jumbo jet

Chances are, you won't be taking the pilot's seat anytime soon, but Threshold Aviation offers the next best thing. If you want to try totally different, head over and test your skills in a simulator inside a real cockpit from a scrapped Boeing 737-500.

Dragon boat indoor paddling

Want to gain a some upper body strength but find weights intimidating? Try indoor dragon boat racing. Afterburn Fitness flaunts a specially designed pool outfitted with built-in boats where you can practice paddling against a current.


The Riverside bar LOB Toronto is home to a highly-inventive new game called lob that combines bocce with elements of golf. Drink and get competitive with your buds.

Axe throwing

Nothing says stereotypical Canadian like dressing up in your finest plaid flannel and wielding an axe. Embrace your inner lumberjack and head to Bad Axe or BATL for some target practice.

Mountain biking

You won't find anything like the Joyride 150 course in your average fitness centre. The Markham facility offers jumps and a hilly terrain for you to practice on (think skatepark, but for bikes). There are even foam pits that offer safe landing sites while practicing new stunts.

Medieval martial arts

Live your childhood dream of being a Medieval Times knight at Fighting Arts Collective instead of signing up for Muay Thai. Classes here will give you the chance to sample armed, unarmed, armoured and unarmoured combat.

Customize sneakers

Attention sneakerheads! Mack House at the Stackt shipping container market is a workshop space and studio that provides all the tools you need to customize a pair of sneakers with your own colours, designs and look.

Claw machine arcade

Every childhood trend has a comeback season and claw machine arcades are having their moment in Toronto right now. There's been an influx of twinkling, pink-hued stores populated with grabby devices full of toys. Try your luck at spots like Pali PaliCatchers' Station and Vava.

Rage room

Ever get so angry you just want to smash something. Now you can in a controlled environment thanks to Battle Sports. Suit up in coveralls, face shield, gloves, and vest then get ready to swing anything from a baseball bat to a crowbar. They even will blast your favourite playlist.


While parkour is typically done outdoors fans of the activity can get in on the action at The Monkey Vault at Downsview Park. The facility is giant playground with a variety of classes for all different skill levels.

Glow-in-the-dark soccer

Here's a way to do some physical activity with a fun twist. Soccer Glow Kingdom is Canada's first indoor glow-in-the-dark soccer facility. The field, the balls and pinnies all glow-in-the-dark at this indoor facility in Vaughan. Drop-ins are just $10.

Go karting

Taking to the track against your friends with a go-kart is one of the most classic competitive activities. Dominate the competition, and even celebrate with a real racing podium at K1 Speed, with a huge track that can accommodate you and your best frienemies.

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Hector Vasquez at Pursuit OCR. With files from Lisa Power and Jaclyn Skrobacky.

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