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Toronto now has a place where you can go to customize your own sneakers

Few things excite sneakerheads more than the prospect of scoring a very rare shoe — and what could be more unique than 1/1?

A new design studio in Toronto is inviting "anyone of artistic ability" to come in and customize their kicks (with some professional help).

Mack House Inc., located within the Stackt shipping container market at Bathurst and Front Streets, started offering a two-hour, self-service sneaker customization experience this past spring. 

Here's how the service works:

Customers bring in kicks of their own choosing — ideally white, unscuffed, leather sneakers — and get free reign of Mack House's fully equipped customization studio for two hours.

"On the day of your appointment, all you need to bring is your sneakers and your idea!" reads the company's website.

"When you arrive, a Mack Tech will brief you on the space and will be there for the entirety of your appointment to guide you in using the supplies and tools properly."

"We have six customization stations for you to explore: PREP, COLOUR, TEXTURE, PRINT, ACCESSORIZE and FINISH," the site continues.

"We'll guide you in how to use all the supplies and tools, but the time you spend at each station and the tools you use are completely up to you and your creativity."

It costs $95 per person (plus whatever you paid for your shoes) and can be done with up to five other people at once, should you want to bring a date or some pals.

They also offer something called a "Fast Mack" option for people who only want to modify (or completely remove) the Swooshes on their Nikes.

Finished products posted to the company's Instagram account show how creative the people of Toronto can be when it comes to sneaker design.

Whether they take inspiration from movies...



High art...

Pop art...

Or fashion...

Customers can be sure that the shoes they leave with are 100 per cent their own. No running into someone wearing the same sneakers, anywhere, ever.

A lot of Mack House customers seem to like modifying Nike Air Force 1s and Air Jordans. They really do make a perfect canvas for "drippy" Swoop effects.

Swoop mods in general are quite popular.

But they're not the only option. 

Even lil' sneakerheads can get in on the fun.

You can check out the brand's Instagram page for even more inspo, but good luck landing on just one idea for the shoe of your dreams. The possibilities are endless.

Lead photo by

Mack House Inc.

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