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The top 25 bike stores in Toronto by neighbourhood

Bike stores in Toronto are hubs for cyclists across the city. Whether you have a flat tire, need to tune up your old faithful, or you’re looking for a new bike altogether, these shops can help you get you riding on the road so you’re not stuck in traffic.

Here are my picks for the top bike stores in Toronto by neighbourhood.


One of the most trusted bike shops in Toronto, Bateman’s Bicycle Company is an institution. Their flagship Annex location has everything a city biker needs, with their Laird location specializing in mountain biking.

Baby Point

A shop that gets you moving on the street or the ice, Newson's Bike and Skate Exchange is a great place to shop for new or used bikes. They also have an exchange program for people looking to upgrade their rides.

Bloordale Village

For over 15 years, Sweet Pete's has had a varied selection of mid-range bikes for the everyday commuter and offers a great repair service. The shop has also recently expanded to a second location in the Annex.

Brockton Village

You might recognize the location from its days as a Bikes on Wheels, but Brockton Cyclery is still a top notch full-service repair shop with bike options that will meet your needs. They can also help you build a custom bike from scratch.


Cycle Solutions has an excellent reputation for its repair service, with locations in Uxbridge and in the Beaches. If you're in the market for a bike, they're great at working with you to help you understand what bike will match your needs.

Canary District

With four locations throughout the GTA, Gears' history has helped them make a name for themselves as one of the best local bike shops in Toronto. They're extensive bike selection and repair shop also includes e-bike sales and service.

Castlefield Design District

If you're looking for a high-end bike with a sleek cycling ensemble, La Bicicletta has you covered. While the price tag may be high, know that you’ll be walking out with a bike you know will last.

Bike Stores Toronto

Urbane Cyclist is one of Toronto's most established bike shops. Photo by Jesse Milns.


A no-nonsense repair shop, Mike the Bike will get the job done at an affordable price. They have a few bikes at a reasonable price for sale and also have a rental service for those looking for a short-term ride.


With staff that will give it to you straight, Cyclemania has been servicing bikes in the east end since 1993. Offering a friendly and reliable repair service, they have bikes and accessories that will meet any cyclist's needs.


A full-service bike garage with personality, Cycle Butik's selection is curated to only give you the best. The staff have a cool, approachable confidence that will help you fix anything in record time, year round.

Eglinton West

While they won't split the bill with you, Go Dutch Bikes will help you get an authentic up-cycled Dutch bike right from Amsterdam. With both used and new bikes to choose from, this shop fills a very specific need, but does it well.

High Park

A DIY co-op that is just doing its best, Bike Pirates is a pay-what-you-can service shop that will fix your bike on their terms. Waitlists are long, but the service is always good. They also have used bikes for sale by appointment only.


An old-school bike shop with character, The Bike Place helps you with everything from a tune up to a full upgrade. Not only do they sell bikes and equipment, but they also have fitness equipment to keep you in riding-shape all year.

Kensington Market

Bikes on Wheels started as a co-op workshop, and still maintains that spirit as it helps the local biking community. They have a wide variety of bikes, parts, accessories and apparel for any cyclist and an option to store your bike in the winter.

Little India

A wide range of bikes for adults and children, Ridehouse Cycles also has a great selection of accessories to help you elevate your cycling style. It always has friendly service that will help you solve any problems you’re facing with your bike.

Little Italy

Packed with parts and accessories, Urbane Cyclist is a worker-owned co-op bike shop that gives you quality service and even sells electric and folding bikes. You’re able to book online for same-day service, which is handy when you need a quick fix.

Moss Park

A small business with a moving mission statement, Charlie's Freewheels is a great bike shop for any young person with an interest in cycling. They have several programs geared at helping youths learn more about building and repairing bikes.

Bike Stores Toronto

Dismount is an independent community bike shop with a coffee pocket situated at the front. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Run by cycling enthusiast and mechanical engineer Gordon Robb, MetroCycleTO provides a supportive environment to encourage anyone to get confident and start riding. They offer a speedy, expert repair service and bikes at any price point that works for you.

Queen West

With shops all across the country, Giant Bicycles is a big name when it comes to cycling. They’ve got everything from high-end racing bikes to road bikes and beyond. The benefit of this shop being a big brand is that it has just about anything you’re looking for.


With three locations all across the city, Ride Away Bikes is a great place to go searching for new and used bike parts when you’re on a budget. They also have affordable bikes and accessories.

Roncesvalles Village

Mojo Cycles is a very cozy little shop with a good reputation that focuses on the needs of city riders. While they have new bikes for sale, you can sometimes find some vintage rides for sale.


Don’t be fooled by the look, D'Ornellas has some of the most knowledgeable staff and is a vibrant community space for cyclists in Toronto. They have a large selection of high-end bikes and accessories for any avid rider.

St. Clair West

If you’re ready for a biking adventure, Dismount should be your first stop. You're able to get any camping gear you need, biking backpacks and anything else that will help you brave the outdoors. There’s also a small coffee shop out front that sells beans, teas and cold brew.

Upper Beaches

With a new location on Kingston Road, Dream Cyclery is a great shop whether you need a tune up, new parts or just looking to talk shop. While it has a small selection of top-of-the-line bikes available, they have a wide variety of accessories and apparel.

West Queen West

A coffee shop/bike shop hybrid, Fix Coffee + Bikes will fuel you up and give you the equipment for your next ride. It’s a unique concept with great service, cool decor and a sleek interior.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at Brockton Cyclery

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