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Someone is claiming a $2,275 basement apartment in Toronto is affordable

Rent prices across Toronto continue to soar beyond a reasonable rate most people can afford on their own. 

Whether it's choosing to live in a less-than pleasant unit, getting into "convenient" relationships, or dealing with nightmare roommates, tenants are doing anything possible just to save a few bucks on their monthly rent. 

However, it doesn't seem like everyone believes the city is completely unaffordable. 

One real estate agent recently ruffled some feathers after suggesting that a $2,275 two-bedroom, two-bathroom basement unit in Toronto was an affordable find. 

In a video uploaded to TikTok, real estate agent Emily Garabachi (@hauswithemily) provides a virtual tour of a basement unit located in Oakwood Village. 

"When people tell me Toronto's not affordable...take a look at this two-bedroom, two-bath, newly renovated, 1,200-square-feet, lower-level unit in the heart of Oakwood Village for $2,275 a month," the real estate agent said. 

The clip shows a basement unit with a glass door entrance, hardwood floors, as well as a spacious kitchen with an island. 

Despite several of its newly designed elements, many people on social media thought the basement apartment wasn't worth its hefty price tag. 

Others who commented were confused why the real estate agent referred to the unit as being "affordable." 

One person suggested that the video's instrumental song choice of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" was especially befitting given the unit's price. 

Another commenter suggested that the unit's location didn't justify its rent, claiming that Oakwood Village faces poor transit access. 

Several users found issue with the fact that the apartment was a basement unit, and suggested that this should be reflected in its asking price. 

According to a recent report from, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto has climbed over $2,500, meaning this basement unit might seem more "affordable" when compared to other units in the city. 

However, many people continued to stress that its "affordability" is superseded by the fact that it's a basement unit with limited natural light. 

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