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Horrifying Toronto-area rental is basically storage area with a bed

Between the rising cost of living, inflation, and soaring rent prices, it can be a nightmare navigating Toronto's rental landscape as a tenant. 

With a monthly average of $2,532 to rent a one-bedroom unit in Toronto right now, many tenants are having to settle for less-than-luxurious accommodations just to find a space to call home. 

Things aren't much better out in Mississauga, where the average rental will run you $2,245 per month.

And with everyone struggling to survive amid the rising cost of living, landlords are also getting more creative in renting out any spaces they have available, whether they be horror movie-esque basements, hallways, and even bunk beds

A recent listing on Facebook Marketplace shows just how brutal the Toronto-area rental market has gotten, and how limited your options can be if you're strapped for cash in one of the most expensive regions around. 

toronto rent

The room currently doubles as a storage area. Photo from Facebook Marketplace.

This private room in Mississauga's Malton area (which quite frankly resembles more of a storage area than an actual room) is being listed for $650 per month. 

Renting out the room also grants you free wifi and a parking space, but you'll have to deal with what looks like a cramped living area in return for those savings. 

toronto rent

The bed takes up nearly half of the space. Photo from Facebook Marketplace.

The space currently doubles as a storage area and coat closet, although it's unclear if the landlord plans on clearing out the room before it's officially rented out.

toronto rent

The closet is currently filled to the brim with clothing. Photo from Facebook Marketplace.

Photos of the private room show a collection of miscellaneous items cluttered throughout the space, including a cooler, opened cans of what we can only presume to be beer, laundry detergent, and lots of shoes. 

toronto rent

Although a bit messy, the space does come with two windows. Photo from Facebook Marketplace.

The rental is located in a family home near Derry Road East and Airport Road, meaning the area could be potentially desirable for you depending on where you work. 

However, even at a fraction of the average local monthly rent, this room probably could have benefitted from a bit of cleaning (and some love) before it was publicly listed for someone to rent. 

Lead photo by

Facebook Marketplace

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