toronto hallway rental

Someone in Toronto is renting their apartment's hallway as a living space for $500

Rent is extremely high in Toronto right now, but a listing making the rounds on Facebook right now is just ridiculous.

For just $550 a month, you can live in the hall of a two bedroom, one bath apartment in mid-town Toronto.

Yes, you read that right. The hall.

A rental listing on Facebook Marketplace is advertising a "clean and quiet place" that has been freshly painted with large windows and lots of sun.

toronto hallway rental

But you'll be sleeping on a mattress in a hall with just a flimsy curtain cornering your "bedroom."

"You will be living in the hall and sharing an apt with 3 girls," reads the listing.

Photos of the space show a single-sized mattress on the floor with a fan sitting on top of a table at the foot of the mattress. 

The apartment is equipped with an oven, stove, wash and dryer and fridge. toronto hallway rental A curtain hangs from the ceiling, though it looks like it sits right against a couch, meaning you'll possibly share the space with the living room.

Another photo shows a "working space" with computers on a wooden table, though it is unknown if this is a separate room or also in the hall space.

To make matters worse, parking is an additional cost.

Not to worry though, the unit has paid laundry and is just one kilometre away from Eglinton West station.

Lead photo by

Rahul Srivastava

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