13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

If you hate people you can live surrounded by lakes for $13 million just outside Toronto

Neighbours are a nightmare. They can be loud, intrusive, weird and just all-around unpleasant to deal with. 

For example, my parents have a neighbour who always uses his leaf blower at times you'd think noise laws would prohibit that activity. 

They've lived with this annoyance for almost 15 years. However, the unpleasant truth is neighbours are a simple reality of living in the big city.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

An aerial shot of the home and surrounding land. 

So if you have the money, never want to hear your neighbours again, and don't mind moving just outside the city, then we have the perfect place.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

The exterior of the main house. 

Less than an hour away from Toronto by car, this epic private retreat is located on 55 acres of land in Whitchurch-Stouffville.

The property features 10,500-square-feet of living space plus a 1,000-square-foot apartment above the garage, enough room for 20 cars and 3.5 km of waterfront on two man-made lakes.  

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

One of the lakes. 

Those lakes also have three kinds of fish in them, according to the listing. 

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

The lakes are stocked with fish. 

From the aerial shot of the property it seems like the home is surrounded by water, much like a castle surrounds itself with a moat to keep out intruders. And apparently there's already a dragon at the end of the drive!

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

Another lake. 

Now, while my introverted self would want to turn it into a fortress of solitude, this property could be used for more than just a hermit's retreat.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

The home has 12-foot ceilings, three fireplaces and more. 

"[It's] a great property for a B&B, family resort, spa, daycare, senior residence, medical or rehab treatment centre," notes realtors Yan Fu and Harvey Dong in the listing. 

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

One of the rooms. 

Currently, it is owned by a company that produces "therapeutic solutions for patients suffering from vascular, muscular and soft tissue conditions".

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

Another bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. 

This would explain the interesting interiors that freaked out a writer for the real estate gossip site The Mash in 2011.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

The three-car garage. 

But despite the questionable interiors, the exterior looks like a regular home.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

A community kitchen in the basement. 

And the house does have some decent things inside such as a sauna, walk-in fridge, elevator and three Geo-Thermal furnaces.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

A colourful bathroom. 

It also now boasts 17 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

A formal dining room. 

With enough work this place could really be a dream, fit for a celebrity.

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

The wood house. 

Plus, there's also a log cabin on the property and a stone house. 

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

One of the walking trails. 

But even if you knock down all the properties the land is truly stunning, with over 10 km of walking trails. As Yu and Dong put it 13231 Kennedy Rd. is "one of a kind!"

13231 Kennedy Rd. Stouffville

A view of the lake. 

The property is currently listed for $12,880,000

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