1A normandy blvd

This house in Toronto is on sale for $800k less than the average detached home

Given that the average price of a detached home in Toronto hit over $1.5 million earlier this year and the real estate market keeps on getting hotter despite the health crisis, finding a standalone house in the city within a six-figure range these days is a rarity — which is why one recent property listing for less than $700,000 is pretty darn exciting.

The detached three-bedroom, two-bathroom home near Wooodbine and Kingston Road in the Upper Beaches was just put up for sale for $699,900, which is certainly a steal for anything other than a small condo in the city right now.

But, though the house is, by all outside appearances, an absolute hidden gem in a desirable area, interior photos reveal that the buyer would need to be someone seeking a major renovation project.

1A normandy blvdThe price is right, but the interior fixtures are all wrong. Photo from Royal LePage/Realtor.ca.

The listing itself acknowledges this, starting off with the line "Looking for a project? This fully detached house in the upper beach is waiting for your attention!"

Along with pointing out the much-sought-after and hard-to-come-by selling features of a fully fenced backyard — which is unfortunately a little bleak-looking, with no grass in sight — and private parking, the listing notes that the property at 1A Normandy Blvd. is being "sold as-is" and that "the seller offers no warranties."

1A normandy blvd

Private outdoor space is private outdoor space, right?! Photo from Royal LePage/Realtor.ca

It's not expected that there would be any warranties on the retro dark wood panelling and decades-old burnt orange carpeting, but to have a guarantee that the home is structurally sound and primed for a facelift would be nice.

1A normandy blvdThe basement will transport you back to 1968. Photo from Royal LePage/Realtor.ca.

Though it would surely need to be completely gutted and would inevitably require a lot of money, time and love, the structure is admittedly far less horror movie-esque, more spacious and also cheaper than other similar listings we've seen in the city lately.

1A normandy blvd

The decor is definitely of a very specific aesthetic. Photo from Royal LePage/Realtor.ca.

Yeah, it's a bit of an eyesore, but it presents a lot of potential in a market where shacks sell for $1.8 million just for the land and prices are only expected to continue to skyrocket regardless of the financial hardships of this year for someone who has the funds — and motivation — to take on such a feat.

Photos by

Royal LePage/Realtor.ca

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