39 Hatherley Road Toronto

This Toronto home is a '90s decor trip but a steal at only $600K

If you're a millennial and grew up in the '90s, you'll probably remember a fair amount of '90s home decor trends that might still haunt you to this day. 

There were sponge-painted walls, all-beige everything, wallpaper borders, oak cabinets, carpets in places where there shouldn't be carpets, bedroom sets from big-box stores, Southwestern or Tuscan decor in homes that weren't in Arizona or Italy, and the list goes on. 

We thought we'd left those troubling times in the past, but 39 Hatherley Rd. really brings back all those memories. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The front porch. 

Somehow this two-bedroom, one-bathroom house hit almost every '90s trend, except for carpets in the bathroom (phew!). 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The entryway.  

What's weird is this house has changed ownership a few times since the 90s. In fact, it was most recently purchased in 2010 for $250,000

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The living room. 

So it's somewhat surprising that when you look at past listing photos, almost nothing has changed. In fact, it seems they added the sponge-painted walls in 2010. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The kitchen. 

But despite 39 Hartherley Rd. being a total throwback, this house is, as the listing says, "a diamond in the rough." 

39 Hartherley Rd. Toronto

The backyard. 

First off, it's a detached house with a 125-foot deep lot in a good location. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The kitchen has plenty of storage but, sadly, no dishwasher. 

The main floor has a living room and kitchen with enough space for a dining table. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The main floor. 

The layout is a bit awkward but the Dutch door off the kitchen is too cute. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The back patio. 

Off the kitchen is a laundry room/mud room that leads to the spacious backyard. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

Upstairs, there are two decently sized rooms and a small bathroom. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The second bedroom. 

The house definitely needs some updating but the roof was done in 2015, the furnace is only a few years old, the electrical has been updated, and there's room for expansion.

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

A fireplace in the living room. 

Also, a coat of paint will do wonders to brighten up the all-beige '90s aesthetic. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The small bathroom. 

However, the biggest selling point of this home is the price point. 

39 Hatherley Road Toronto

The back of the house. 

39 Hatherley Rd. is listed for only $599,999, which is almost unheard of in Toronto, even if this place will probably go for closer to $700K.     

Photos by

Leon Li Photography

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