drake cat kitten

Drake seems to have just revealed that he adopted a cute cat

Toronto-born hip-hop legend Drake showed the world a glimpse of his softer side last December when he posed with an adorable kitten tucked away in his sweater.

At that time, I gave it a quick "aww" and filed it in the throwaway info compartment of my brain, thinking the jet-setting multi-platinum recording artist and actor was probably just too busy to make time for a furry companion.

And now I think I may have misjudged Drizzy's character.

Drake first revealed his new friend to the world with a December 18, 2022, Instagram post, debuting a bright-eyed kitten accompanied simply by the caption "Cyatty."

Obviously, the internet went completely bananas about the pint-sized killing machine, but it was mostly brushed off as just another social media photo-op.

That same kitten would later appear in another IG clip, playing a painfully cute game of hunter and prey with Drake and the help of a duvet cover.

But this week, on Tuesday, April 4, Drake shared another glimpse of what looked like the same "Cyatty" in an IG story, only this time, the little kitten was looking much more like an adult cat. An adult cat that just so happened to be roaming the halls of the rapper's Bridle Path estate, dubbed The Embassy.

drake cat kitten

It appears the no-longer-so-little cutie is a Bengal, a breed which will cost you up to $3,000 USD for a kitten. Which I guess is like a pack of gum when you're worth over a quarter billion dollars.

The 36-year-old media mogul and father seems to have a history with cats, and was even spotted last year just hanging out with a pair of feline friends while they had a little snack, but he's also a well-established dog person.

In 2016, Drake reportedly attempted to woo fellow recording star Taylor Swift by purchasing her a wealth of goodies for her cats.

According to celebritypets.net (which is a real website that exists in our shared reality), Toronto's own Aubrey Graham adopted a pair of dogs in 2016 — an Akita puppy named Diamond and an American XL Bully named Winter.

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