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Toronto dancer gets shoutout from Janet Jackson after years of trying to get her attention

They say handwork and commitment pays off in the end. And this is exactly the truth for one Toronto dancer.

Artin Avaznia has been trying to grab the attention of the one and only Miss Janet Jackson and he has finally succeeded in his quest.

Four days ago Janet Jackson shared a video from Avaznia on her Instagram story, crushing her choreography for her hit single 'If,' and lining up his moves exactly in time to Miss Janet's with some amazing editing skills.

Rightfully so, Avaznia freaked out in achieving his goal and having one of his idols recognize his drive and talent.

In a video chronicling his journey as a solo dancer Avanzia said he's dealt with infrequent gigs, having to take side jobs for extra cash and people not understanding his vision, but that this shoutout from Jackson is proof he is on the right path.

"You know the story and the reality is sometimes it gets harder and harder to keep rooting for yourself. But when you get a shoutout from one of your biggest inspirations, the one you've been studying like a textbook, whoo, man, that is your sign to keep going," Avanzia tells his followers.

He uses this moment to encourage other people who have been in a rut with their career or questioning their motives to keep going. He ends by saying "you may be surprised by who's rooting for you."

To add even more excitement to this celebratory moment, Jackson reposted Avaznia's video to her Instragam page with the caption "sweet! I luv IT! Keep going," garnering nearly 20,000 likes so far. 

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Artin Avaznia

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