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Security guard tackles Tom Morello at Rage Against The Machine concert in Toronto

It was a case of rage against Rage Against The Machine on the second of two Toronto shows at Scotiabank Arena on Saturday night, when a security guard accidentally tackled a member of the legendary band.


The scene unfolded during the final song in the band's set, the still relevant 1992 protest banger "Killing in the Name."

Seemingly out of nowhere, some dude in a red shirt rushes the stage. Security reacts in a fraction of a second as a guard bolts onto the scene to intercept the fan.

Fortunately for the fan, and less so for RATM guitarist Tom Morello, the fan somewhat successfully attempts to deke out of the way, leaving a clear path for the guard to careen into the guitarist.

Both the fan and Morello end up in the crowd.

After lead singer Zack de la Rocha notices the kerfuffle, he rhythmically sings, "hold up, hold up, hold up," and cheers triumphantly when Morello emerges from the pile of security, arms raised to indicate he is okay.

It could have been another major blow for the Public Service Announcement Tour, supporting the second reunion for the aging rockers.

Zack de la Rocha suffered a leg injury on a previous stop (leg?) of the tour, depriving fans of the singer's trademark stage presence in subsequent shows.

Luckily, Morello walked away from the tackling incident at Scotiabank Arena unharmed.

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Tom Morello

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