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Someone wrote a song about what it's like taking the TTC subway in Toronto

When Donna O'Regan first moved to Toronto from Ireland back in 2016 and joined a local Ukulele Club, she was tasked with writing an original song for the group. 

And in an effort to write something relatable to most, if not all people living in Toronto, O'Regan chose to write a song about the TTC. 

"We were tasked with writing an original song and I wanted to write about something that my new Canadian friends could relate to," she said. 

"I think it is very relatable to the millions of Toronto residents that call this great city home."

O'Regan's song, titled Bad Day on the Subway, is a hilarious ode to the trials and tribulations of riding the subway in Toronto. 

The catchy tune mentions broken escalators, people clutching their Tim Hortons cups, everyone staring at their phones like robots, broken AC and so much more. 

"Well it’s a bad day on the subway, I haven’t gotten a seat. I’m standing in the aisle instead, just trying to steady my feet," the chorus hums. 

"But that guy with murderous eyes keeps making eye contact with me. So I stare up at the flashing map and pray I’ll make it to Leslie."

O'Regan said she's received overhwelmingly positive responses since she first played the song for her group, and several people contacted her telling her to record it. 

"I even had a TTC driver contact me through a mutual friend when he heard it to say I should record it," she said. 

She added that she's even gotten to perform it live at a few Irish/Canadian gatherings, like the Celtic Music Festival on Toronto Centre Island last September.

But despite the song's undeniable relatability, O'Regan said it's meant to lightheartedly poke fun at the TTC and she actually has no problem with the city's subway system.

"Honestly, the subway in Toronto is a joy in comparison to other cities I have lived in," she said. "It's clean and people are very respectful. This song is just a bit tongue in cheek and not meant to offend!"

O'Regan moved to Toronto four years ago with the intention of staying for just 12 months.

Now, she's a permanent resident who says she's "very proud to call Toronto home."

"I think Toronto is an amazing city with so much to offer. The city is beautiful and I love being near the lake," she said. 

"I really appreciate the various neighbourhoods, the art scene, the music and the architecture. But above all, the people. I have lived in five countries and I have found my kind of people right here."

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