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Drake's video for In My Feelings is hilarious

His Majesty King Drake of Canada has finally given the world something to watch while listening to 'In My Feelings' other than Instagram videos of random teens putting their lives in danger.

The internationally-beloved music artist dropped an official music video for the latest single off his new double album, Scorpion, late Thursday night, and it's a doozy.

Like many of Drake's recent videos, it's a long one — eight minutes long — which means there's more to watch than what corresponds with the song. It's also packed with celebrity cameos, which we've come to expect from Champagne Papi.

Now, if you're a true fan of Aubrey Graham's, I don't need to tell you that our boy can act (#Degrassi4ever) or that he's funny as hell — but to see him go back and forth with the iconic Phylicia Rashad is a true thing of beauty.

Rashad, aka Clair Huxtable, plays the mother of Kiki — Drake's love interest. Kiki is played by TV personality and author La La Anthony.

Drake himself plays Kiki's thirsty suitor in a Romeo & Juliet-type situation where he throws rocks at the window and tries to act smooth.

Just as he tells Kiki he'll do anything she wants to prove his love, Kiki's mother — Rashad — steps out onto another balcony.

"I want you to get your Jordans off my walkway, that's what I want!" she says to Drake. "This is not a Taye Diggs movie, sir. You a grown man! Carry your ass on home now!"

It only gets better from there. Watch it yourself for a good laugh when Drake, pretending to be blind in one eye, tells Rashad how great she looks.

Phylicia Rashad not only stole the show with her performance, she blew minds across the world by appearing in the video at all.

The song part, while less funny, is also very good. The entire thing takes place in New Orleans, where Drake wears a golden grill and is accompanied by many beautiful dancing women (hey, it's still a rap video.)

Shiggy, the Instagram star who started that viral In My Feelings dance challenge, is also featured prominently in the short film, as are dozens of celebrities and fans who've participated in the challenge on social media.

Video footage of everyone from DJ Khaled to Will Smith doing the shiggy run plays under the end credits of the Karena Evans-directed video.

A clip that shows Korean pop star J-Hope doing the dance has sparked its own spinoff frenzy, as K-Pop fans begin to freak out over the fact that one of their idols is in a Drake video.

Solid stuff, all around, but especially the part at the end where the viral In My Feelings challenge clips of a cow, dog and camel are juxtaposed next to each other.

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