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The top 10 Toronto bands making fusion music

The top Toronto bands playing fusion music know anything goes - go ahead and confine your musical interests to specific genres or artists, but know you're be leaving out a world of possibilities. Toronto's upstart DIY, underground, and even indie music scenes have latched onto this lately in a big way (see BADBADNOTGOOD, Lido Pimienta, Not the Wind, Not the Flag, and Petra Glynt, for example), and they owe a lot to early experimenters blending sounds and genres from around the world one might never expect to hear together. Think of the unexpected deliciousness of chocolate with chili, but music.

Emerging out of the city's multicultural music landscape, many Toronto bands and artists are dedicated to crafting these unexpected sounds. While it would be impossible to name the myriad of Toronto artists pulling hat-tricks with surprisingly diverse influences, here are ten who do it right and keep me guessing every time. Just don't call it "world music."

Quique Escamilla
Which patio or beer garden to chill on this summer is what everybody (especially us) is talking about lately, and Quique Escamilla's music will be the perfect soundtrack for late, hazy summer evenings. The palpable energy in his sunny reggae beats topped with a uniquely Mexican sounds and his charming singing (in Spanish) will put a skip in your step and leave you yearning for more. CBC radio's Here and Now premiered the first single "Presa FÃ¥cil" off his new album 500 Years of Night. He's touring Canada this summer and has played various festivals including the Dundas West Festival and Luminato.

Turn up your stereo's bass volume while listening to rap artist Blitz. The strong and steady Punjabi beat on top of his flowing rap lyrics creates a new and unique hip hop style. Guest vocals and various different instruments are confidently added to the eclectic mix - his collaborations have included other well-known fusion musicians such as Britain's RDB (short for Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) who are also known for a similar Punjabi fusion. His second album Get Blitzed is set to be released this fall.

Lenka Lichtenberg
Interested in hearing songs belted out in Yiddish, Czech or other exotic language? Meet Lenka Lichtenberg, perhaps Toronto's best-known fusion musician. Her enthralling vocals and curious blend of Middle Eastern, Latin, and European influences will add spice and flavour to your musical pallet. Supporting her vocals are instruments ranging from the sitar to powerful percussions to flutes. She's also been featured on CBC's Here and Now - "Open My Eyes" was chosen as song of the week this past January.

Fusing the sound of East, West and countries as far away as Australia, Kaminari uses the quiet and nearly obscure sound of the native Australian instrument the didgeridoo and India's quintessential instrument the sitar to create a unique and positively haunting sound. Their melodies are meditative yet uplifting - and the music's familiar electronica beat makes it way more accessible than the above may suggest. Yoshi and his sitar have also appeared with Toronto based jazz bassist Abbey Sholzberg.

In Autorickshaw's music there are only three main elements: vocals, bass and the distinct sound of tabla percussions, a type of Indian percussion instrument. Yet their music is anything but simple. They have an eastern infused jazz sound and one can't help but get caught up in the whirlwind of Suba Sankaran's mesmerizing vocals. Her voice paired with the tabla and bass make for a feet-tapping combination. This summer they'll be touring jazz festivals in Ottawa, Toronto and Oakville.

The Heavyweights Brass Band
There are so many styles and genres of music, why choose just one? The Heavyweights Brass Band definitely don't limit themselves - they blend Latin, r&b, and big-band styles together in one exciting mixture crammed with energy and soul. This six piece delivers a steady sound of five brass instruments blended with a funky and steady drumbeat. Some past collaborations include legendary percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo.

Kae Sun
Reining you in with his alluring vocals, Kae Sun captures your attention at first listen. While some of songs are stripped bare with just soulful vocals and energetic guitar playing, others have a powerful beat and bass which adds depth and a sultry pop quality to his music. Kae Sun's second album AFRIYIE is available on his website. He's currently touring in Germany, but will be in Toronto this summer - catch him on August 14, 2014 at David Pecaut Square.

Your first clue is in the name. Drumhand's overall sound is, well, drum-tastic. This is jazz with an Afro beat, then energetic sounds of brass instruments and vocals add an extra layer to their songs. The five band members all lend their voices in a way which sounds more like hollering than singing. They perform in various different festivals including the Guelph Jazz Festival, but for those who want to release some tension and take a stab at drumming, they band also offer workshops.

The Chameleon Project
The Chameleon Project fuse together funk and jazz, and describe their style as psychedelia. Reminiscent of dance and ska music of the 90s', which, by the look of today's current fashion trends is a welcomed comeback, the colourful style of the band member's clothing matches their energetic presence and the carefree sound of their music. They band are currently working on their third album and have captivated audiences in many different music festivals including Camp Bisco festival in upstate New York and NuJazz Festival in Toronto.

DJ Medicineman
Global sounds mixed with an electronic beat is what DJ Medicineman offers with his hypnotic fusion of electronica, dub, and much more. Tune in to his radio program "No Man's Land" on CIUT 89.5FM to experience the music for yourself. This mellow blend of eastern and western flavours will leave you feeling relaxed as you inescapably impulsively move and groove to the rhythm. His show was nominated as "Community Radio Show of the Year" at the 2012 Pioneer DJ Stylus Awards.

Writing by Naomi Grosman. Photo: Quique Escamilla by Kerry Shaw via Facebook.

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