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The top 5 under the radar electronic acts in Toronto 2013

The Toronto electronic music scene is thriving. Our city exports some of the biggest and brightest global players, including artists like Crystal Castles, Art Department, Austra, MSTRKRFT, and on and on. When I speak to people in Europe, they seem to view Toronto as some kind of Mecca for electronic music. When it comes to house, techno and electro, we have people in the top of all those categories. And that's not to mention, Toronto's legendary status for its 90's jungle, drum and bass scene.

What's funny, however, is that you might not know all of this if you live here, considering the media and government's seemingly systematic lack of support for our many talented synth gurus. Apparently the powers that be are still stuck in the 1980's and think the machines just make the music and that therefore there's no talent involved.

To combat their apathy towards our electronic musicians, I've put together a list of 5 acts I was into this year that didn't get the attention I felt they deserved. Now I apologize in advance to the bands I missed out on in 2013; I do try to dig deep into Toronto's underbelly and find all the best artists, but the sheer amount and diversity of electronic musicians in Toronto makes listening to them all an insurmountable task.

Tre Mission
Just to make everyone wig out, I'm putting Tre Mission on the top of my list. Technically he doesn't deserve to be on a list of people who I think are great but don't get any attention because he does get some media attention (Fact Magazine, for instance, premiered one of his videos). But even as he plays all over the world, every time I bring this talented young man up in conversation, no one has ever heard of him. So here he is. Again.

Made up of SΛRIN &, their song "CɌƎƎP" was recorded at 01System, samples Robocop (arguably one of the greatest movies of all time), and lays it down over some New Beat inspired madness. I also think the song title fits in nicely with the articles in the past few days about those creeps at the Eaton centre. The Robocops at YouTube have been taking the video down for copyright infringement, so in case the embed below doesn't work, you can watch it here.

Terror Tone
Might as well keep it creepy and highlight Terror Tone's song "The Creeps." This song has a really, early 90s, on-too-many-pills-in-a-warehouse kinda vibe, which I love. He's been a fundamental part of the scene in Toronto, as a promoter, DJ and owner of Stacked Records. He deserves way more attention than he gets.

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds
Sean Roman gets his fair share of attention in the Drum and Bass scene under the name MUTT, but in recent years he's switched it up and started making House. Sean and his partner in crime Dick Diamonds have a new EP called Late and Deep out on Beef Records. Dick Diamonds is best known in Toronto as being one of the hottest young event promoters, with his Late and Deep crew, as well as being 1/2 of the Hermans. I'm diggin this whole EP and crew.

Rene Lavice
Drum and Bass, electronic music's thugged out brother, has always been way too rough and rugged for Canadian media and mainstream radio. In the 90s, Toronto was the Drum and Bass capital of North America, but if you weren't the type to hang out in warehouses 'till 8am, you never would have known. Still to this day you rarely hear about these bass loving rude boys. Rene LaVice is on top right now, with a slew of releases on the biggest labels in the scene. Rewind!

Who are some of your favourite electronic acts from Toronto that could use some more attention?

Writing by Aaron Cunningham / Lead photo of SARIN from ≠ CULTURE

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