Mic Boyd

Bringing Back some of that East Coast Rap

MC/Rapper Mic Boyd (Mike Boyd) has released his first full length solo album Lost in the Woods on HalfLife Records. February 26th was the official release date and was just put up on iTunes this week. His first video Guess Who's Back has also just hit MuchMusic.

Being from Nova Scotia myself and having run into Mike a few times over the years I thought I would call him up and see what's going on about the new album and when he's coming back up to Toronto.

blogTO: How did you come up with the name of the album?

Well I pretty much live in the woods. I live in Enfield, Nova Scotia which is about a half an hour outside of Halifax. I have lived here for 25 my whole life, I never moved.

How does it feel to put out your first full length instead of just being featured on other peoples albums?

Good. I'm not a real big in the spotlight kinda guy but it is definitely a lot more rewarding for myself.

How do you find playing Toronto compares to elsewhere in the country?

Whenever I talk to local Toronto hiphop artists they always say that the crowd mean mugs (just stand there with hands in the pockets looking hard) but I find the people there are great. The size of the crowds are always bigger there too. I think probably about half of the crowd is usually from the maritimes originally for our shows and they're a good time.

What's it like trying to come out from under Classified's shadow and make a name for yourself?

That's the way I like it right now. Eight years ago I would not have been able to picture this. Luke is the one who encouraged me to get up on stage and do my thing. I get to hang out with my brother and make music it's awesome. If I was doing this all on my own I probably wouldn't be going on such big tours and recording all the time.

Ever think about relocating from the Halifax area to Toronto?

No not really. Only if Luke was to do it as well. I'm pretty much over at his studio every day. I don't think I would have much of a life in music if I moved away.

When are you coming back to play a show in Toronto?

Well Classified, Jbru, DJ IV, and myself were just on a cross Canada tour this winter and played a few shows in and around Toronto the first week of February oh and we also played a snowboard festival at Blue Mountain March 9th. So early summer is when I will be back in Toronto for Classified's new album release.

Lost in the Woods
Out now on HalfLife Records


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