Danielle Duval

No Stranger to Toronto

Over the course of my musical meanderings around Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting danielle duval. She's a down-to-Earth gal who writes, produces, and plays her own brand of rock & roll. Put it this way: she's not just the front-woman for the band (a common phenomenon in Canadian indie rock), she is the entire reason the band exists.

Her new EP, L'etranger, launches on the 19th. They're also throwing a free release party this Thursday at the Supermarket.

I recently spoke with her about her experiences moving to Toronto. After all, didn't everyone else in Canada look down on TO, especially someone like danielle who was born and raised in Montreal? It turns out she's got nothing but good things to say about this city (except for the smog), and she's even explored our neighbourhoods enough to recommend a few favourites.

Keep reading for a brief interview and details of the CD release.

Kevin: Why did you move to Toronto from Montreal?

danielle duval: Good friends that I had traveled with lived here, so I decided to explore something new.

K: What differentiates the music scene in Toronto compared to Montreal?

dd: I don't feel I can be a spokesperson for any grand commentary on this subject, but from my perspective both cities thrive with amazing artists. I wouldn't say that I've ever really fit into any kind of "scene" in either city. You just meet great people as you do what you do, and there are great people doing great things everywhere.

K: What is your most memorable musical moment in Toronto?

dd: When we were all up at 6:00 AM to perform live to air on CIUT (89.5 FM) radio. Everything about it was incredible. The fact that we were able to summon that much energy at that time of the day is still beyond me.

K: What is your favourite Toronto venue, and why?

dd: Massey Hall. It's beautiful, sounds amazing, and has a musical history you can taste in the air. If you mean one that I've already played, I'd have to say The Mod Club. It's built strictly for the show, it sounds amazing, and it's blocks from my house.

K: Did you do any recording of your upcoming EP in Toronto?

dd: The EP was recorded live within the span of a few days, all of us in one room, in a great studio on the Lakeshore called Halla Music.

K: Where do you find inspiration for your music? Do you frequent any place in particular (cafes, parks, your backyard, etc.)?

dd: Past experiences, current experiences, future experiences; usually all to do with traveling, crushes, and observations. I often write in transit, like on planes or when I'm walking. Always on my way to some place.

K: On a related note, what are your favourite hang-out spots in Toronto?

dd: Soundscapes, Ted's Collision and Johnny's Classic on College, St. Lawrence Market, Kensington Market, Alternative Grounds coffee shop on Roncesvalles, Jet Fuel on Parliament, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and my backyard in my neighbourhood.

K: If you could change one thing about this city, what would it be?

dd: The pollution!

L'etranger hits stores June 19th, online at MapleMusic.com or any of the following stores: Criminal Records, Chapters, Rotate This, Soundscapes, and Sonic Boom. Or pick up a copy at the CD Release Party this Thursday at the Supermarket (268 Augusta).

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