Screw Puff Daddy: Shuffle invented the remix

OK, how many of us have had a Friday afternoon on MSN go something like this:


When my friend logged off I did some clicking and found the most flavour-filled sound that's hit the club scene since Puff Daddy invented the remix in 1994. And if Poppa Diddy Pop invented the remix Shuffle Crew's mixers, Team Canada, have snatched the remix bitch-slapped it, tricked it out and set it loose on the streets of the city.

Impressive, inclusive, innovative and incredible are just a few words that start with the letter 'I' that describe what's happening at Revival once a month.

Being unable to go that fateful Friday night, the one year birthday party for the group, I did the next best thing and contacted one of the creators of Shuffle, Bryan Brock, who works with Lo Falcioni and Tyrone Edwards.

Here's a taste of what we talked about:

Where did the idea of Shuffle come from?

We're all very in touch with the urban market. We finally decided that we've been doing parties for a huge number of urban crowds so lets do a party for a mixed crowd. You know, there doesn't seem to be anything out there for everybody. In Toronto, especially with all the different types of cultures and different types of races, why don't we do a mixed night and the music is completely mixed and we try to market it to a mixed crowd.

What's the response been like?

The response has just been insane. People love the DJs. The love the host, which is actually Tyrone but when he's on the mic he goes by T-RexXx. They love the spot because it's not a conventional nightclub area. College Street is a little out of the way and it's a little more classier.

Have you thought about expanding at all?

We'd love to expand in terms of reaching out to other cities. The idea works so well in Canada no matter where you go. Even if you were a hip hop kid growing up you know Nirvana. If you were a rock 'n roll kid you know Jay-Z. In terms of Toronto we definitely want to keep it to once a month. We don't want to over saturate anything and we definitely want to keep it special for people.

Could you put your finger on what makes Shuffle what it is?

Obviously the music is the most important thing. Just being so diverse and the fact that no one else is doing it makes it that much more special. Then secondly, I'd say the crowd. We definitely have an amazing crowd. They're just fun going people. There's no problems and no attitudes. So when you put good people and good music together you're going to have an amazing time.

Do you think your success has anything to do with how stale the rest of the club scene is?

Definitely, at our age, 20 and up, people are tired of the normal club scene. The normal top-40 music. The normal radio countdown. This is definitely a breathe of fresh air from that.

What's coming up?

The next one is our special Halloween costume party. It's October 27 down at Revival.

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