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It's the Music That We Choose Party @ Revival

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, those bastions of Toronto hip hop sublimity, DEAR and arts and music collective District Six Music (think Monday nights at Alto Basso), are putting on a It's the Music That We Choose party to celebrate the release of the Headnodz album Trafficking. You can hear bits n pieces of the album on the Treehouse Records site.

Zaki, King Reign, Dub Ill, Mathematik, Citizen Kane and Peep Show are on the bill. From what I've seen of these guys in the past, it should be a grand ol' time. Don't believe me? Here it is, straight from Dave Guenette of District Six...

Can you give us a little bit of the background and history behind District Six?
District Six Music has been around for three years. The idea is to support and release music independently. It originated after a trip to South Africa where I was lucky enough to see Tumi and the Volume for the first time. [After that experience, I decided] I wanted to make that music accessible on this side.

What projects have you guys been involved in lately?
Last February 2005, we organized the African Way Tour which featured Tumi and the Volume, K'Naan, Zaki Ibrahim and DJ Nana. [We've also] worked closely with K'Naan this year in promoting his record, and we're also about to put out Zaki Ibrahim's record. Further, we host a weekly with DJ Nana at Alto Basso on Mondays - it's free so come check us out.

Where do you see the collective going in the next year? The next five years?
We all want to retire in Mozambique and get rich off digital downloads. Okay, just kidding. Ideally, we want to become a fully functioning label. I think there is room for artists to begin to trust labels again and we'd love to be apart of that.

GImme a plug for the party tonight. Why should people go?
Because it's Toronto's best doing what they do and, beyond that, the only way musicians and DJs can make money in this city and continue producing relevant art and music is if people like you support.

Oh, and you'll dance your ass off too.


So there you have it, ladies and gents, it's gonna be a booty-shakin' good time.

What: Headnodz Album Release Party for Trafficking.
Where: Revival (783 College West)
Cost: $10 at the door
Psst: For guestlist privileges before 11pm, email info@districtsixmusic.com.

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