Toronto LiVE!

Monday October 3rd - Sunday October 9th
Each week we pick out and preview some of the live events going on in and around Toronto...

- Jennn's picks -

Blue Skies At War
Hype (Brampton), Tuesday October 4th
Honestly, Hype is a lame venue. This little teen hangout situated in Brampton offers little acoustically or aesthetically, however if you're not the snobby rock royalty and you just want to get your cheap fix of singing and screaming on a Tuesday night, this could work for you. Blue Skies At War are worth checking out because they're too abrasive to be lumped into that unoriginal, overcrowded "pretty emo boy" category.

The Video Dead
Neutral, Wednesday October 5th
Punk rockers at their finest, The Video Dead always puts on a high-energy glamour-free show that appeals to the tough guy in all of us. It's the perfect opportunity to break out the brass knuckles, crack some beer bottles over someone's head and shout along to the lyrics. Ok, so maybe leave the bar brawling for another day...but you will still feel pretty punk rock just for being there.

Ill Scarlett
The Opera House, Thursday October 6th
Calling all fun-loving dancers, Sublime fans, Mexican food lovers and stylish punks! If you don't love Ill Scarlett already from my Wakestock interview, then you could listen to a few of their eclectic, Cali-style, reggae-infused tracks on myspace. No two songs sound the same and I'd bet you a burrito you'll have a stellar time. If you've got at least half a brain and a couple dollars, you'll be at The Opera House this Thursday having a drink with Ill Will for his birthday. I know I will be!

Sydney, Shotgun Rules, The Fully Down, The Fullblast & A Constant Reminder
The Warehouse (Brampton), Thursday October 6th
For those of you who were teased on Tuesday, a whole plethora of classy talent will be awaiting you on Thursday in Brampton again! (Who knew Brampton could be such a hotspot for post hardcore?) The Fully Down is getting ready to spend the next few months in the states so you better come out now or you'll regret it later. Shotgun Rules and Sydney are local gems if you're into Silverstein, The Used and that sort of sound.

Horseshoe Tavern, Saturday October 8th
You can't convince me that "Together" isn't a run-out-and-buy-the-CD song. If you've ever craved the melodic quality of Sevendust coupled with the stop-and-go subtleties of Finger Eleven, then FNA will surely fill the void for a terrific Saturday night at the Horseshoe Tavern - the CBGB's of Toronto.

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