Punk and Hard Rock This Week

Social Distortion w/ Mest & Dead 60s
Monday, Oct 10th @ The Kool Haus
Ticket Price: $35

Admittedly, the first time I heard Social Distortion's new song, "Reach For The Sky" on the radio, overridden with its cliches and Offspring-like guitars, I went running for their self-titled 1990 release in a panic. Perhaps I overreacted a little as songs like "I Wasn't Born To Follow" still carry on the rockabilly ballad tradition they're so noted for. You're likely to run into some uplifting messages about living life one day at a time, coming from a weathered veteran. You'll probably be singing along to "Ball And Chain" too, whether you like it or not. I'd recommend this show to anyone who's craving nostalgic, punk-laced rocknroll or anyone who's never seen them before.


Surface Rising
Tuesday, Oct 11th @ Horseshoe Tavern (Edge New Music Night)
Ticket Price: Free!

One time I listened to their CD on repeat for almost five hours and didn't even realize it. If you like the gravely nature of Sevendust then you'll probably enjoy this free show at the Horseshoe where Surface Rising will be giving their all to impress music moguls from several major labels. Their live performance is much darker and unrefined than you'd expect... but in this genre that's not necessarily a bad thing. Recently signed to Wide World Music, Surface Rising will show you a variety of melodic lights and guttural darkness.


Wednesday, Oct 12th @ The Opera House
Ticket Price: $30

Warning - this show is for only the bravest black-hearted souls! The monstrous and grotesque Gwar will aptly perform their outrageous antics at The Opera House to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Their fast-paced metal guitar rhythms and ghoulishly growling lyrics will entertain you as you descend into their hell. I'm not going to promise anything but if you'd rather not be covered in 95 gallons of mutant blood, demon semon and the dismembered Cuttlefish of Cthulu, I suggest you stake out a balcony spot. Fire shows are also not out of the question with rare appearances from Slymen Hymenestra. These intergalactic barbarians will give you your money's worth in the dismemberment of George W. Bush alone. Once banned in their hometown of Richmond Virginia, this collection of artists, sci-fi enthusiasts, musicians and dancers has risen above the controversy to shock, rock and make a satirical mess out of your hometown.


Zeroscape w/ Rehab For Quitters
Wednesday, Oct 12th @ The Kathedral
Ticket Price: $5 - Proceeds go to Street Kids International

With influences ranging from Bob Marley and Radiohead to Slayer, it's a little hard to categorize Zeroscape. Their musicians are equally diverse - sporting dredlocks and Mohawks. Their drive is tremendous as they've survived misadventures in England, coming out relatively unscathed to march on playing a tour across Canada. Zeroscape's live shows have been praised around the globe and are said to entertain audiences with heavy guitars, ambient vocals and entertaining expressions. It's probably best if you just go and see for yourself.


Thursday, Oct 13th @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Ticket Price: $4

This is the last chance I'm giving you. If you missed them last Saturday at The Horseshoe, you've got one more chance to catch them this week. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then go see FNA if you like Finger Eleven, Sevendust, Papa Roach, A Perfect Circle or Disturbed. Their three-part vocal harmonies and distorted guitars are sure to please you.


Every Time I Die
Friday, Oct 14th @ The Fun Haus
Ticket Price: $19.20

"Rock isn't dead - you are," their website professes. They're screeching, abrupt hardcore metal. They're unfettered, raw, creative and out of control. Sometimes you just have to find a show full of intensity and enthusiastic mosh-pit mayhem, which can be tricky in Toronto. Every Time I Die is sure to send you reeling. Praised by Headbanger's Ball and Revolver Magazine, slammed by AP - you decide where they stand in this ear-bleeding, 100% rocking show.


Saturday, Oct 15th @ The Vatikan
Ticket Price: $5

I always like to support bands that not only put out solid tracks but also are just cool people in general. Sifter is the kind of band you'd want to hang out with around the fire throwing back a couple beers. Banter aside, their musical strength comes in their catchy songwriting that delivers fresh melodies and mammoth choruses.
For everything you've ever wanted to know about this fulfilling band, read more (and listen to a Sifter podcast) on BlogTO!


The Next Best Thing
Saturday, Oct 15th @ 102.1 The Edge Storefront Studios
Ticket Price: Free!

If you're totally broke but want something to do this weekend, head out to 228 Yonge this Saturday (at 8:30) to check out The Next Best Thing. Typically my recommendations are loud and abrasive, attracting a certain niche of die-hard punks or metal rockers; however, The Next Best Thing carries a wide appeal for feel-good reggae, dub and ska fans. You'd be surprised at how songs like "Cut" can really fill that Brad Nowell / Sublime void. The best part: if you really like what you hear, you can pick up a pre-release copy of their cd Working Machine.


Death Cab For Cutie
Saturday, Oct 15th @ Kool Haus
Ticket Price: $23

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not a fan, although I'm aware that Death Cab For Cutie has risen as an Indie legend in many college circles. Five years ago, I remember DJ'ing at my school's radio station and playing several Death Cab songs in heavy rotation. Now they're all over the Edge and they're even Seth Cohen's favourite band on The O.C. (Disclaimer: And NO, I do NOT watch that show... or any show on TV for that matter... but I DO happen to know a thing or two.) Their music is as softly Indie as it gets... blending acoustic strumming with shy, quiet Radiohead and Modest Mouse-inspired singing. If you're an artsy university student who's content to lean back on the bar and contemplate with a pretentious cocktail in hand, this show might fill that soul niche for you.


No Other Way
Sunday October 16th @ The Bovine Sex Club
Ticket Price: $5

I'm really excited to see what No Other Way has come up with since the last time I rated them #2 at the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands. Their aggressive punk rock combined with some of the popular, post-hardcore sounds makes No Other Way a unique, winning formula of full-bodied sound. They've played with Death By Stereo, The Resistance, Good Riddance, Raised Fist, The Circle Jerks and Alexisonfire. Their energy, expert song composition and tightness can incite any crowd into a sing-along crowd of enthusiastic punks. Lest not we forget the Bovine's drink specials before 12. If you're not here on Sunday then you may as well accept the fact that you're working way too hard, you've lost touch with what's cool in the city and you're missing the funnest Sunday ever.

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