Talking to Wren City Churches

On my AM trek to work, I had my discman at maximum listening to local Wren City Churches, getting myself effortlessly pumped for their show tonight at Lee's Palace ($5, 9pm). Their new EP City Silos has a totally indie, East Coastish flow, and you can tell these boys have a lot of fun playing together. They've been compared to both The Inbreds and The Sea and Cake and promise their live music offers both "sullen pulsating rythyms to death defying anus tingling guitar riffs"... bring it on, boys!

I had a nice light-weight email chat with Mike Jones (vocals/bass) and James Brylowski (drums) which should give you a flavour of Wren City Churches.

What can people expect from a Wren City Churches (WCC) show?
James- The power of a bull, the agility of a three-legged malnourished penguin and the after taste of finely roasted mustard seed.

What makes the WCC stand out from a seemingly overflowing indie music scene?

Mike - We really do work as a collective. We are all sensitive to each other, and try not to bruise each others delicate egos ... I don't know if thats unique, but I've never worked in a band like that.

James- We treat each other like delicate orchids.

Describe the band's attitude towards your music- do you treat it seriously, as an outlet, for fun?

Mike- We do have fun , but also put the integrity of the songs first instead of focussing on what's "cool" or what we as individuals want from it . We also like to write songs that are actually stories.

James- We have a lot of fun. Mike likes to hop like a bunny. Matt can jump real high! Adam...well, he can impersonate any character from Cheers, with the exception of Cliff (don't bring it up). I don't think I answered the question?

I know you have independently released the City Silos EP, are there are any plans for a full length album any time soon?

Mike- We have recorded some new tracks recently which we will be playing tonight, but we are not sure as of yet what we will do with them...maybe a 7-inch.

What is your favourite track on City Silos?

Mike- Definitely Inspector Danger, because its a journey and a story.. . I've always loved the feeling it gives me down below and up above.

What is your fave song to play live?

Mike- Lately its been Lake- its fun and tingly.

James- I like "Race". It's about a robot race and it's new, therefore...fresh and fun.

Looking forward to experience it live tonight!

WCC have been on the scene since late '03, and their first album City Silos, came out just before '05 (you can sample the goods here).

Lee's Palace
529 Bloor St. W.
Doors open 9pm TONIGHT.
$5 at the door

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