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Toronto film industry expected to break $2.2 billion record in productions next year

The film industry in Toronto is expanding, with the city expecting to break its current $2.2 billion record in productions next year. 

The city reached this record in 2019 and is now expected to surpass it in production volume to reach another all-time high in 2022.

This is thanks to several brand new studios, development of the film workforce and the creation of eco-friendly production amenities, the city said in a Wednesday release

Mayor John Tory announced this week that a $250 million state-of-the-art media hub would be built in Toronto's Port Lands. The studio would encompass 500,000 square feet of filming space along with a series of production offices. 

"The fact that we are on track to break the $2.2 billion production volume record set in 2019 as early as next year is a clear sign that Toronto and its screen industry is coming back stronger than ever," said Tory. 

Lockdowns in 2020 set back the film industry in Toronto, with many sets adopting new ways of filming while still following restrictions

"The industry needs this future state-of-the-art media hub to meet the growing demand for space and Toronto talent," said Councillor Paula Fletcher, who's also the chair of the Film, Television and Digital Media Advisory Board. 

The city says there's a huge global demand for space to film in Toronto. This is also expected to increase with this year' arrival of Netflix's Canadian Headquarters and Amazon Studios continuing to grow here. 

On top of that, the city says two "power drops" will be built at high-usage locations for filming. This means that productions will be able to plug in to electrical power on set versus using diesel generators. 

The results will immensely benefit new and incoming productions to operate sustainably while filming in Toronto.

By 2025, studio space in Toronto is expected to increase by 63 per cent, to take up a projected 5.3 million square feet in the city's film landscape. 

Not to mention, several Toronto-made TV shows and movies, including The Queen's Gambit and Jack Reacher, have gained success with audiences all over. 

There's no doubt that audiences will want to follow up on new seasons of shows like these and it looks like Toronto will have the capacity to continue filming them here. 

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