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They've started making movies in Toronto again using Safe Sets

Actors and production crews are heading back on set, but shooting films and commercials are a little more complicated due to COVID-19.  

Maintaining six feet of distance between cast members can be difficult when you're trying to capture an entire set with a camera, but a new company is encouraging actors and crew members how to #practicesafesets. 

Since early June, Safe Sets International — a virtual company based in Toronto — has been offering resources for people in the industry on how to navigate production during the pandemic.

That includes on-set screening questionnaires or best practices organized by regions (like ACTRA's guidelines for Toronto crews and performers). 

The company, which was founded by the same person who created Toronto-based rental startup Set Scouter, has an advisory board that includes eight doctors and film experts from Canada and the States. 

But Safe Sets' most popular feature has been their Safe Sets COVID-19 Certificate, which has been springing up on the social media feeds of actors and film professionals to show they've put in the effort. 

"The certificate demonstrates to your team that you’re knowledgeable about upholding a safe production environment and that you value crew’s health and safety," says Safe Sets.

The virtual course takes no more than 20 minutes to read through. and ensures people are familiar with all the basics of the novel virus, from symptoms to social distancing challenges for the film industry. 

Recommendations includes having one department in a work area at a time, limiting interactions between crews and casts, and arranging production schedules to reduce contact. 

The certification also recommends wearing eye protection and masks on set and throughout the production process, with gloves used as needed.

"Wearing a mask properly throughout your production is a sign of respect for those around you, showing them that you value their health and safety. This is particularly important to talent, as tehy are most at risk on set since they cannot wear PPE due to makeup, hair, and wardrobe," says the course. 

Other tips include how to shoot in tight spaces, scouting locations over video call, placing floor markers in high traffic set areas, providing hand washing stations, boxed lunches instead of buffet-style meals, and hiring a professional disinfection service, if the budget allows.

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