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Dollarama removing racist costume from Ontario stores following backlash

Dollarama is doing some serious damage control after photos of a racist, Indigenous-themed Halloween costume being sold in some Ontario stores surfaced on social media this week. 

The costume, which is meant for young children and is called the "Dream Catcher Cutie," features a photo of a young white girl wearing a feathered headband and a brown, Indigenous-themed garment. 

The costume has sparked outrage from Ontario residents who say selling such a costume is insensitive, racist and unacceptable in 2021 — especially since the country just marked the very first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Fortunately the costume won't be on shelves for much longer, as a spokesperson for Dollarama confirmed to blogTO that the costume is currently being removed from all stores.

"The availability of this product in our stores was brought to our attention a few days ago and I can confirm we are in the process of ensuring it has been removed from store shelves wherever it may have been available," said Dollarama spokesperson Lyla Radmanovich.

Radmanovich says the product was not actually part of the assortment purchased by Dollarama but was unfortunately inadvertently added to the shipment of a broad assortment of costumes that went directly to the stores.

In other words, Dollarama says it did not order the costume, and the company is moving quickly to address the issue. 

But no matter how quickly the company acts, many have already taken the opportunity to express their disappointment on Twitter.

"Smh," wrote one person. "This is terrible, they should apologize."

"it represents a culture that wasn't allowed to dress in their traditional clothing now being sold to the same people who oppressed them," wrote another.

"READ THE ROOM Jesus Christ," wrote yet another unimpressed Twitter user. "This is so gross and tasteless."

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